Fools for Fun at Hayfield

Fools for Fun at Hayfield

Ever feel like you’re the only sane person among a gaggle of village idiots? Perhaps you would rather believe that yellow is above all other colors, simply because it doesn’t stick to your fingers? If the latter made remotely any sense to you, then Neil Simon’s Fools is alley up your right. Er, right up your alley, rather.

Welcome to Kulyenchikov, the village renowned for its 200-year-old curse of stupidity. Perhaps not the most alluring tourist spot in Russia, but that won’t stop the eager teacher, Leon Steponovitch Tolchinsky (played by Austin Johnson) from attempting to educate the naïve Sophia Zubritsky (Sara Aultman). Hired by Sophia’s parents, Doctor Zubritsky and Lenya (Nathan Smith and Kelsey Mahoney, respectively), Leon must struggle with the arduous task of educating a girl who just recently learned to sit down. However, the real trouble commences when Leon falls in love with Sophia… but then again, does not trouble always begin with two young lovers?

Hayfield Secondary has been a participant in Cappies theatre since the beginning. However, just recently a strong number of students have moved to the new school, South County. Has the Hayfield drama department radically changed? What obstacles have befallen the apparently torn secondary school? Well, there is little use in being over-dramatic. The more important question is… what do the students think about their current theatre group? “We’re all friendly and supportive,” said freshman Megan Burlay, “It’s really an inspiring atmosphere.” Senior Mark Browner explained his opinion of the community, “The great thing about Hayfield drama is the friendships that we create. We spend so many hours working together on a show, seeking to learn and grow from each other, and we form these bonds that can’t be broken.”

Various sections of the theatre department are no exception themselves. Dale Placek, a veteran of the lighting booth, will amaze you with the lighting for Fools, which he designed himself. Kristi Moody, the student assistant director, gets the enthralling duty of guiding actors when necessary. That connection between all people of different theatre specialties is present within Hayfield. Of course, many members of the cast merge to technical avenues, like set design and building. Although there are so many diverse sections of theatre, no one treats their interest as a mere club or a boredom-killer. Every member of Hayfield drama, be they techies or actors or hybrids, embraces their job with passion and commitment.

There you have it, folks. Although the transformation of memorable Hayfieldians to South Countians is still tender, the chasm left behind has filled with a glowing sense of comradeship; from ancient seniors to lively freshmen, and everyone in between, Hayfield remains a class act.