Pat Troy To Host Charity Event

Pat Troy To Host Charity Event

Sunday, Oct. 9, beginning at 3 p.m. Pat Troy's Ireland's Own Restaurant and Pub, 111 N. Pitt St., with host a fund-raiser for The Lacey Rae Foundation for Children With Disabilities, Inc. This one is personal and local.

The foundation got its start from the unfortunate fate dealt to Lacey Rae Milner, daughter of Theresa and Detective Edward Milner, Alexandria Police Department. Lacey is 9 and a victim of cerebral palsy.

During her first four years of life she was seen by more doctors than most adults throughout a long lifetime. She visited 17 specialists in the Greater Washington area, according to her mother. Then came a breakthrough with a doctor in Houston, Texas.

"I took her there every 12 weeks over a period of four years. You can imagine the financial burden. But, when your child is making progress, you do what you have to do," Theresa Milner said.

With the therapy prescribed by the Houston doctor, Lacey Rae began to make progress, according to her mother. "She began to speak, crawl and then use a walker," she said.

Finally another doctor was discovered in North Carolina that could provide additional therapy. The treatment was expensive, $50 per hour with a recommended treatment period of 200 hours.

"A family friend held a fund-raiser and Jack Taylor, of Jack Taylor's Alexandria Toyota, donated $10,000 for us to continue the treatments," Milner said. This spring Lacey received additional treatments which enabled her to walk.

"I can not put into words what it is like when your 8-year-old begins to walk and enjoy independence. You really cannot put a price on this kind of progress," Milner said.

The Milners realized they were not the only ones with this situation. That prompted them to establish the foundation. "When Pat Troy heard of this, he wanted to help as well," she said.

The fund-raiser will feature both a silent and live auction. Contributions will be accepted at the door. Checks should be made payable to The Lacey Rae Foundation. All donations are tax deductible.

The foundation provides financial assistance for therapy and treatment to those not covered by insurance. Those not able to attend the fund-raiser who wish to make a donation may contact Theresa Milner at 540-752-8226, 540-752-5479, or email her at Donations can also be made directly to The Lacey Rae Foundation, P.O. Box 46, Ruby, VA 22545.

Free parking is available for those attending the event by entering the garage under the restaurant through the Cameron Street entrance. More information on the fund-raiser is available by calling 703-549-4535.