Greenbriar Man Charged with Vehicle Tampering

Greenbriar Man Charged with Vehicle Tampering

Fairfax County police have charged a 24-year-old Greenbriar man with vehicle tampering and possession of marijuana. He is Jason A. Kendricks of 4053 Majestic Lane, Apt. E, in Chantilly. And with the public's help, police may be able to return some of the pilfered property.

In a March 23 affidavit for a search warrant to seek possible evidence against Kendricks inside his apartment, Det. Elizabeth Goldman presented details of the case against him. She wrote that, on March 22 at 3:16 a.m., police Officer Ronald Jones responded to a complaint of a vehicle tampering in progress near 5317 Poplar Valley Court.

A LOOKOUT provided by the complainant was broadcast by a police dispatcher and, after arriving at the scene, Jones saw a man reportedly matching the description of the suspect in the lookout. He then arrested this person.

"The male subject was partially inside the complainant's vehicle when stopped by [the] officer," wrote Goldman. "[He] was identified [as] Jason A. Kendricks [who allegedly] admitted to the officers on the scene that he had been going into unlocked vehicles, stealing money and any other items of value."

Goldman then interviewed Kendricks at the Fair Oaks District Station about this incident. "He advised [me] that he had gone into six or seven unlocked vehicles that were in the Fair Lakes area," she wrote. "Kendricks stated that his intentions were to steal money or valuable items from unlocked vehicles. He stated that he was hard up for money due to the fact that he was still in the training portion of his job [and] was only making minimum wage."

The detective noted that he reportedly told her he'd done the same thing, in the same area, about a week before. However, she added, he allegedly told her that, at that time, "he was intoxicated and could not recall the exact streets he had been on. But [he said] they were within walking distance of where he had been arrested." Goldman wrote that Kendricks further implied that he intended to return to his home with the stolen items.

The night of March 13-14, a larceny occurred on Tulip Leaf Court in Fair Lakes, in the same vicinity as the other vehicle tamperings. It was captured on a video surveillance tape, and Goldman viewed that tape. In the video, she wrote, a suspect was observed walking up the driveway of a home on Tulip Leaf.

"The suspect entered the unlocked garage door and committed a larceny," wrote the detective. "The suspect in the footage was similar in size, stature and mannerisms of Kendricks. The suspect in that case appeared to be very unsteady on his feet as he stumbled up the driveway, appearing to be intoxicated. The victims' unlocked vehicles were located in the opened, attached garage."

Items taken from a vehicle there included a check, a briefcase containing $1,100 cash, real-estate-transaction paperwork and a schedule/calendar book.

In addition, during March 10-12, a couple streets away on Whisper Willow Drive, a second garage was illegally entered. Again, entry was made through an open, attached garage door, and a motorcycle was stolen.

While interviewing Kendricks, wrote Goldman, he allegedly stated that "he would enter open garages in the area if the opportunity presented itself. [He] did not give specific locations for his other offenses, but said they were within walking distance of his residence."

THE DETECTIVE wrote that Kendricks reportedly "further stated that he did not steal specific items, but would steal whatever he could locate and carry away. During his arrest, Kendricks was wearing a stolen jacket and carrying a stolen watch." Again, she wrote, he was unable to tell her where he'd obtained these items.

When Officer Jones came across Kendricks, he charged him with both vehicle tampering and possession of marijuana. Police spokesman Rich Henry said the latter charge was because, pursuant to Kendricks' arrest, police reportedly found marijuana on his person. He has an Aug. 23 court date for these offenses, both misdemeanors.

Goldman's search warrant for Kendricks' apartment was executed March 24. She'd hoped to find some of the items taken from the cars and garages, but that wasn't the case and police did not seize anything. However, on March 23, police distributed flyers in the Fair Lakes area.

They informed residents that, on March 22, police made an arrest in "a recent string of thefts from vehicles in the Fair Lakes area and are now seeking the public's help in the return of some items stolen from those vehicles."

The recovered items include: A North Face jacket, a silver watch with blue face, three gift cards, an unopened pack of Parliament cigarettes, an unopened pack of Marlboro cigarettes and miscellaneous keys on a store lanyard.

Police advised residents that vehicles on the following Fair Lakes streets may have been affected: Autumn Willow Drive, Whisper Willow Drive, Westbrook Drive, Poplar Valley Court and Tulip Leaf Court.

Anyone who was a victim of these larcenies — or any other theft from their vehicles during March — and has not yet reported the incident or the items stolen to police is urged to contact the police. Call the Fair Oaks District Station's Criminal Investigations Section or Goldman at 703-591-0585.