Letter to the Editor: Celebrate Flag Day

Letter to the Editor: Celebrate Flag Day

To the Editor:

Flag Day, June 14, although not a national holiday, is important as a reminder of how our country began and what it has become, grown from 13 colonies under English rule to 13 states, which expanded into 50. It is appropriate to fly the flag and remember the best of our heritage, which it represents.

On June 14, 1777, Congress adopted a resolution, which created a new flag for our new country, a banner under which we fought for independence and the opportunity for fulfillment of our God-given rights. Each state has a star lying on the field of blue which emphasizes our union, but each star is separate, distinct, and emblematic of each state retains its own powers and identity, joining its sister states for specific and limited purposes stated by the Articles of Confederation and, in 1787, the Constitution. The star for each state is determined by its order of admission into the United States: Virginia’s is number 10, counting from the top row, inside (next to the staff) -out, so ours is the third in the second row. The stripes are counted from the bottom up, so Virginia’s stripe, number 10, is near the top of the flag. The flag’s colors, too, are significant: red reminds of the blood shed by courageous patriots; white, the purity of their ideals and purposes; and blue, the truths expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

"Old Glory" is a symbol of our country, so it should be treated with great respect. It should be flown on patriotic and civic occasions, properly displayed according the U.S. Flag Code. When the flag is on parade, civilians should put their right hands over their hearts as it passes. When not being flown, a flag should be properly folded into a triangle with the stars and fold on top, and stored in an acid-free environment.

Enjoy flying and honoring our flag, especially on its birthday, June 14 and take an active role as a citizen to keep our republic sound.

Ellen Latane Tabb,