Poetry MV 4/17/2013

Poetry MV 4/17/2013


By Asher Ager

5th Grade

Hollin Meadows ES

Birds, animals, weeds, and all other beings,

Spring approaches, though that might not seem now,

All the beasts, plants, towers, flowers, and things,

Can feel the warmth seeping through cold winter’s gown,

Inofficially marking the new spring,

The very official holiday will still cling,

The answer to global warming is clear,

We must step up and take charge of the day,

Grab a took may it be shovel; or spade

If you want to help this is the way,

With any effort changes will be made,

One of the enjoyable holidays,

Earth Day is fun let it stay as it may.

Life at the Beach

By Abby Maher, Emma Eby and Abby Smith

6th Grade

Stratford Landing ES

The waves crash along the sprawling shore

The salt in my hair, the sand on my spine

Catamarans will sail the ocean more

Sand castles appear along the shoreline

Seagulls screech above the turquoise water

The dolphins splash and play throughout the day

The sum beats on me as it gets hotter

Sunglasses shield my eyes from the harsh rays

The freezing cold ice cream drips down my hand

The colorful reef is slowly dying

Late at night crabs scuttle across the sand

The mermaid’s luscious long hair is flying

After paddle boarding, we leave so wet

We look for the green flash as the sun sets.

Spring Blooms

By Bridget Kennedy

6th Grade

Hollin Meadows ES

Star-shaped blossoms, hearts, or circles and squares

Tinted in each color of the rainbow

Marigolds, lilies, middles with blond hairs

Train stops for birds, bees, butterflies to know

Birthplaces for new life and new supplies

Grow in trees, earth, and vine near sun and rain

Signs of new seasons, these people rely

On the time of spring blooms, to heat their pain

In cherry blossoms and fruit trees nearby,

Spring is arriving, in crocuses, now,

In daffodils, roses and daisies lie,

The thought of warmth, green and soft, fluffy clouds

The looks and smells of them help remind me

The hard things always have simplicity.