Fairfax Residents Discuss Their New Year’s Resolutions

Fairfax Residents Discuss Their New Year’s Resolutions

Divya Madusudhan, 19, student at Boston University, Fairfax

"Exercise more, I feel like that's the most common one. I feel like I should space myself out more time-wise during the school year so final exam time isn't so bad. In all honesty, I know after the first week I'll be done with my resolutions, but it's just generally what I want to do over the year."

Neema Laheri, 17, senior at Robinson Secondary School, Fairfax

"I've been thinking about that and I really need to manage my time better so I can work less and play more. I want more time to myself so I can enjoy life and not stress."

Sahil Laheri, 15, sophomore at Thomas Jefferson High School, Fairfax

"Exercise more to help fight my asthma and to become more fit in general so I can have a better physique. I should probably eat healthier also to support that."

Ajay Laheri, 45, management consultant at Deloitte & Touche, Fairfax

"My new year's resolutions are to not lose my temper so much and become more understanding. Avoid any political discourse. Lose 30 pounds."

Neha Sampathkumar, 12, seventh grader at Rocky Run Middle School, Fairfax

"Stop procrastinating because I need to do better in school, especially science. I also want to eat healthier because I don't think my metabolism is going to last forever. I also want to get more active in after school stuff because I feel like I'm really lazy so that's why I'm trying out for the spring musical."

Yashu Sampathkumar, 17, senior at Robinson Secondary School, Fairfax

"I want to have a better relationship with my sister, especially since I'm headed to college. Along with that I want to be more open and trying something new. My third resolution is to think of less cliche and better new year's resolutions for next year. Actually practice the violin. Get toned up by summer."