School Notes

School Notes

— The Civic Coalition for Minority Affairs will honor 91 African and African-American Arlington Public School students in its 21st annual awards ceremony. The Civic Coalition for Minority Affairs is a council of representatives from civic, religious and social organizations of Northern Virginia. Committed to excellence in education, the group endeavors to foster high academic achievement through its annual awards ceremony honoring high achieving African and African-American students in grades 5, 8 and 11. This year's winners include:

Elementary Grade 5: Kristen Alleyne, Oakridge; Galilee Ambellu, ASFS; Ablaaza Andargachew, Campbell; Kalkidan Ausink, Long Branch; Trinity Chambers-Puryear, Claremont; Benjamin Charles, ATS; Tamari Coles, Oakridge; Kiera Collins-Joseph, Claremont; Cameron Cummins-Smith, Glebe; Aaliyah Dade, Drew; Markos Daget, Campbell; Agasi Desta, ASFS; Xaviar Goodman, Barcroft; Mia Hakken, Oakridge; Chelsie Harris, Abingdon; Ethan Hemmings, Henry; Ishaq Ishaq, Henry; Truniya Joaquin, Drew; Charlotte Joyner, Abingdon; Kayla Fluitt, Randolph; Camille Lewis, Abingdon; Sarah Mbayo, Oakridge; Isaiah Mefford, Abingdon; Matthewos Mesfin, Abingdon; Eman Noraga, Long Branch; Frances Osugi, Claremont; Addison Phelps, Jamestown; Jade Taylor, Drew; Ashton Taylor, Drew; Treyvon Todd, Long Branch; Summer Grace Williams, ATS; Ajani Wilson, Randolph; Noh Woldeyseus, ASFS; and Yohana Yilma, Barcroft.

Middle School Grade 8: Kylin Adams, Gunston; Ananiya Admassu, Gunston; Tasnim Alam, Jefferson; Syed Anderson, Jefferson; Abenazer Bayou, Swanson; Christian Clark, Jefferson; Jordan Dixon, Williamsburg; Jauhmar Ellick-McAllister, Gunston; Jayda Glenn-Dickerson, Kenmore; Yordanos Kassa, Kenmore; Summer Matlack, Gunston; Dorothee Mulumba, Swanson; Jamel Northover, Williamsburg; Peace Pius, Swanson; Nadia Rhodes, Jefferson; Leana Spain, Jefferson; Heaven Swinson, Jefferson; Zeru Tadesse, Kenmore; Michal Tefera, Gunston; Helen Teklu, Gunston; Biruktawit Tibebe, Gunston; Gregory Turner, Kenmore; Christine Wanda, H-B Woodlawn; Nia Webb, Kenmore; and Haben Yosief, Jefferson.

High School Grade 11: Kidist Asegahegn, Wakefield; Biruktawit Assefa, H-B Woodlawn;Daniel Brown, Wakefield; Chelsey Coles, Wakefield; Bethlehem Demissie, Washington-Lee; Moussa Dia, Washington-Lee; Lysa Diarra, Washington-Lee; Marquise Downs, Washington-Lee; Yoel Fessahaye, Wakefield; Selasi Fynn, Washington-Lee; Nevyat Gebru, Washington-Lee; Sofonias Getachew, Washington-Lee; Tsion Habtamu, Wakefield; Natsinet Haile, H-B Woodlawn; Noah Harrington, H-B Woodlawn; Derek Henderson, Washington-Lee; Joshua Inyangson, Washington-Lee; Dawit Jabessa, Washington-Lee; Haiylu Kibret, Yorktown; De’Jah Lee, Washington-Lee; Kendall Logan, Yorktown; Alaa Mohamed Ali, Washington-Lee; Kirsten Pettaway, Wakefield; Edna Samron, Washington-Lee; Naomi-Michela Simatos, Washington-Lee; Mia Turner, Wakefield; Mikayla Venson, Yorktown; Craig Wanda, Washington-Lee; Marisa Wright, H-B Woodlawn; Misrak Yifru, H-B Woodlawn; Tesay Yusuf, Wakefield; and Nia Zekan, Washington-Lee.

Kimbeng Ngeh has graduated from Wayne State University with a bachelor's degree in public relations.

Zachary James Madison graduated magna cum laude from Hampden-Sydney College with a bachelor of arts degree in English. He is a graduate of Yorktown High School and the son of George and Carol Madison of Arlington.

Jillian Luoma-Overstreet was among nearly 900 St. Olaf College students who were recognized for academic achievement at the college's annual Honors Day convocation on May 3. Jillian is an undecided major. She is the daughter of Charles and Kristine Luoma-Overstreet.

Natalia Froberg graduated from Randolph College with a bachelor of arts degree in art (studio).

Sylvia Braun, a sophomore art education major was the recipient of The Jenelle Stocker Memorial Art Award during the annual Honors Day Convocation at Culver-Stockton College in Canton, Mo.

Mattson C. Fields graduated cum laude from University of Mary Washington with a bachelor of arts degree in studio art. He received departmental honors in studio art.

Anne R. Grasselli graduated summa cum laude from University of Mary Washington with a bachelor of arts degree in art history. She received departmental honors in art history.

The Virginia Council on Women, in collaboration with the Science Museum of Virginia announced the winners of the 2nd annual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Essay Contest for high school junior and senior girls. Samantha Spytek received honorable recognition and won $2,000. She is a senior at Wakefield High School.

Beginning in late July, Fairfax County Public Schools staff member Michael Cruse will study neotropical ecology in the Central American country of Costa Rica. More information about Cruse's course is located at

Jessica Neupane, the daughter of Ram and Goma Neupane, was recognized for her outstanding participation in the 2013 Randolph-Macon Academy Sophomore Speech Contest. Jessica received third place for her speech, "Is Abortion Taking a Life or Saving One?," in the Persuasive Speech category.

Amy R. Law received a bachelor of science cum laude degree in nutrition and food sciences within the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences at University of Vermont.

Nathan Hughes a freshman majoring in robotics engineering, was named to Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s dean's list.

Blene Hailu graduated with a bachelor's degree in biology from Eastern Mennonite University.

Christopher Crowe, a Yorktown High School graduate, is a member of Stevenson University's 2013 Men's Lacrosse Team. The Stevenson men's lacrosse team advanced to its first-ever national championship game after the No. 4 Mustangs defeated rival Salisbury University Sunday night at Mustang Stadium 12-6 in front of a record 2,311 fans.

Anabel Montano-Vargas was inducted into the Mary Baldwin College chapter of Sigma Beta Delta, chartered in 2009 to encourage and recognize scholarship and achievement among students of business, management, administration, and marketing communication.

Jessica Neupane, the daughter of Ram and Goma Neupane of Arlington, was named to dean's list at Randolph-Macon Academy. She is a sophomore.

Thomas Kim, the son of Richard and Un Hui Kim of Arlington, was named to the dean's list at Randolph-Macon Academy. He is a junior.

Logan Frederick received a bachelor of arts degree magna cum laude from Skidmore College.

Daniel Napier made the dean's list for the Spring 2013 semester at Gardner-Webb University.

Victor Gomez of Wakefield High School is winner of the 2013 Arlington Rotary Education Foundation scholarship, traditionally awarded to students on a combination of need, community involvement, and merit in the amount of $8,000 spread over four years. Victor is graduating with a 4.35 GPA and will attend Yale University. Victor participated in many extracurricular activities and was elected to multiple leadership positions.

Of the 500 Arlington Public Schools students who took the National Latin Exam this past year, 45 earned Summa Cum Laude and received a gold medal for their scores, 41 received a silver medal (Maxima Cum Laude), 50 earned a bronze medal (Magna Cum Laude) and 51 earned Cum Laude.

Of the more than 154,000 National Latin Exam participants, only 1,482 students, or less than 1 percent, earned a perfect score. Three APS students earned a perfect score on this year’s exam:

Russell Edwards – Swanson Middle School (Latin I)

Momoka Keicho – Swanson (Latin II)

Robert Wharton – Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Latin V). Wharton has had three perfect score in five years.

The National Latin Exam, which consists of 40 multiple choice questions, is given at six levels of Latin and covers grammar, reading comprehension, Roman culture, history, geography, mythology and etymology. The students who earned medals are:

Gold Summa Cum Laude

H-B Woodlawn: Jamie Staeben – Latin I; Casey Wilson – Latin II; and Amanda Hayes – Latin IV

Swanson: Russell Edwards – Latin I; Julia Windham – Latin I; Jacob Stowell – Latin I; Kara Probasco – Latin I; Ben Grimmelbein – Latin I; Livia Polise – Latin I; Momoka Keicho – Latin II; Daniel O’Connor – Latin II; James Gusmer – Latin 2; Charlotte Maskelony – Latin II; Arai Long – Latin II; Jade Riopelle – Latin II; Kelsey Wengert – Latin II; Margaret Hirschberg – Latin II; Madeline Albro – Latin II; Julian Hayes – Latin II; Cassia Block – Latin II; Vincent McGean – Latin II; Sophia Kingsley – Latin II

Williamsburg: Laura Crawford – Latin II; Reilly Tickle – Latin II; Sophia Warnement – Latin II

Washington Lee: Madeleine Dougherty – Latin I; Yvonne Thomason – Latin I; Winston Stemler – Latin II; Andrew Fleckenstein – Latin III; Apollo Yong – Latin III; Zephren Collinson – Latin III; Lydia Cawley – Latin III; Matthew Dabu – Latin III; Enkhgerel Baasandorj – Latin III; Lilyanna Patton – Latin III; Timothy Fry – Latin III; James Berlin – Latin III; Ian White – Latin IV; Caitlin Fitzsimmons – Latin V

Yorktown: Isabelle Wal – Latin I; Kristopher Heaton – Latin I; Jacqui Anders – Latin II; Griffin Romanek – Latin IV; Joseph Orttung – Latin V; Nicholas Rudman – Latin V

TJHSST: Marcus Alder – Latin III-IV Prose; Caroline Culberson – Latin II; Nolan Kataoka – Latin III-IV Prose; Sienna Lotenberg – Latin III-IV Poetry; Jack Morris (10) – Latin II; David Soukup (11) – Latin III-IV Poetry; Robert Wharton – Latin V

Silver Maxima Cum Laude

Gunston: Tom Byron – Latin I

H-B Woodlawn: Tori Auerhan – Latin I; Aiden Walker – Latin II; Siena Grevatt – Latin II; Whit Jacobs – Latin V

Jefferson: Aidan Endo – Latin I

Swanson: Susan Czach – Latin I; Joseph Myers – Latin I; Lauren Snyder – Latin I; Owen Alfaro – Latin I; Leonie Alder – Latin I; Kilian Morgan – Latin II; Bryce Rusk – Latin II; Nolen Wine – Latin II

Williamsburg: Nick Bowers – Latin I; Jaya Kambhampaty – Latin I; Elizabeth Noe – Latin I; James Yun – Latin I; Julian Gruver – Latin II

Washington-Lee: Lucas Mendes – Latin I; Benjamin Cannon – Latin III; Daphne Martin – Latin III; Peter Falamoun – Latin III; Jeffrey Kruger – Latin IV; Claire Spaulding – Latin IV; Samuel Grimmelbein – Latin IV; Luke Grimmelbein – Latin IV

Yorktown: Andrew Acs – Latin I; Katie Maleckar – Latin II; Brendan Reicherter – Latin II; Anders Juengst – Latin II; Celeste Fuentes – Latin III; Dylan Bailey – Latin III; Will Donahoe – Latin III; Alison Gaylord – Latin III; Sebe Skladony – Latin IV; Hawkins Clay – Latin IV; Warren McQueary – Latin IV; Sean Mullins – Latin IV; Adam Howard – Latin IV; Joanna Easby – Latin IV

TJHSST: Merete Lund – Latin III-IV Poetry; Sam Veroneau – Latin III-IV Prose; Claire Murphy – Latin III; Peter Foley – Latin III-IV Poetry

Bronze Magna Cum Laude

Gunston: Ryan Foster Baird – Latin I; Isaac Gamboa – Latin II; Katariina Alanko – Latin II

H-B Wooldawn: Juliana Walker – Latin I; Dunham Janney – Latin I; Andrew Heare – Latin I; Caroline Kassir – Latin I; Harley Kalett – Latin II; Emma Chan – Latin II; Matteo Dristas – Latin II; Margaret Gorman – Latin IV; Will Hubbert – Latin V

Jefferson: Malcom Douglass – Latin I; Max Baker-Rosenberg – Latin I

Kenmore: Matthew Coppolino – Latin II; Sophia Constantine – Latin II

Swanson: Kathryn Moss – Latin I

Williamsburg: Patrick Cantwell – Latin I; Will Hicks – Latin I; Amanda Oh – Latin I; Michael Pari – Latin I; Nick Pasternak – Latin I; Peter Schmidt – Latin I; Duncan Small – Latin I; Isabel Adams – Latin II; Rachel Geisel – Latin II; Megan Grieco – Latin II

Washington-Lee: Annie Hatcher – Latin I; Sarah Wheeler – Latin II; Ruby Grace – Latin III;

Bridgette Cooke – Latin III; John Doll – Latin III; Kaelan Brown – Latin III; James Mellin – Latin IV; Kyle Chipman – Latin IV; James Hughes – Latin V

Yorktown: Samuel Holmes – Latin I; Kate Mullins – Latin I; Kinzi Harvis – Latin I; Josh Amery – Latin I; Samuel Wall – Latin I; Olivia Ferrante – Latin II; Joanna Shroeder – Latin II; Michael Botis – Latin III; Jake Thompson – Latin III; Greta Dahlquist – Latin III; Lauren Rutzen – Latin III; Marisa Kataoka – Latin V; Amanda Gaylord – Latin V; James Patton – Latin V

Cum Laude

Gunston: Kirk Graham – Latin I; Armand Mabry – Latin II

H-B Woodlawn: Eleanor Doyon – Latin I; Anna Toth – Latin I; Ned Sieverts – Latin I;

Hannah Soler – Latin I; Sofia Dimick – Latin I; Sophia Anderson – Latin II; Jimmy Stinneford – Latin IV; Daniel McGlynn – Latin V

Jefferson: Dylan Klapper – Latin I; Benjamin Hermes – Latin I; Jonathan Hernandez – Latin I; Annabel Campbell – Latin I

Kenmore: Essi Wonderman – Latin I

Swanson: Hunter Davies – Latin I; Claire Walker – Latin II; Isabella Laino – Latin II

Williamsburg: Spencer Atkin – Latin I; Jacob Creskoff – Latin I; Nico Galdiz – Latin I; Frank Lackey – Latin I; Garrett Lusk – Latin I; Maggie Ryan – Latin I; Cameron Williams – Latin I; Will Ayers – Latin II

Washington-Lee: Victoria Castro – Latin I; Clare Smith – Latin I; Maya Sterett – Latin II; Craig White – Latin II; Benjamin Jenkins – Latin II; Mark Varner – Latin II; Gavin Obrist – Latin IV; Annika MacEwen – Latin V

Yorktown: Maison Newenhouse – Latin I; Maddie Harple – Latin I; Keegan McCurry – Latin I; Lance Johnson – Latin II; Jessica Taylor – Latin II; Joseph Sible – Latin II; Kiana Gryloo – Latin III; Caroline Bereuter – Latin III; Sean Muth – Latin III; Kelly Emson – Latin III; John Trainum – Latin III; Mary Gay – Latin III; Madison Ihrig – Latin III; Michael Hanafin – Latin IV; Ben Chandadipar – Latin IV; Randy Lam – Latin V; Stephen Klem – Latin V

Classical Association of Virginia Exam: Robert Wharton 1st place – Advanced Poetry; Nolan Kataoka 2nd place – Advanced Prose; Honorable Mentions to Marcus Alder, Sienna Lotenburg, and David Soukup.

Classical Association of the Midwest and South 2013 Translation Contest: Robert Wharton – Top Cash Prize Winner

Monica Lozano and Juan Peredo have been named Connect With Kids Champions by The Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth and Families, which acknowledges Arlingtonians who are making a difference in the live of Arlington youth. Lozano, a Minority Achievement Coordinator at Swanson Middle School, and Peredo, the Family Liaison at Yorktown High School will be recognized at the June 18 Arlington School Board meeting. Visit

The Arlington County Council of PTAs and the Arlington School Administrators has announced this year’s scholarship recipients. Recipients of the the Arlington County Scholarship fund for Teachers, Inc. are: Morgan S. Burns – Washington-Lee High School; Catherine Englund – HB Woodlawn Secondary Program; Rachel Fahrenkrug – Yorktown High School; Megan Farbman – Yorktown High School; Elizabeth Grossmann – Washington-Lee High School; Cecilia Ruth Matos – Wakefield High School; Malia Rivera – Yorktown High School; Alex Patrick Rockelli – Yorktown High School; Malin Serfis – HB Woodlawn Secondary Program; Che Espenoza Sheehan – Wakefield High School; Eleanor D. Splan – Washington-Lee High School; Osmar Alexander Trejo – Arlington Mill Continuation Program. Recipients of the Arlington School Administration Scholarships, awarded $1,000 each, are: Cecelia Matos – Wakefield High School; Samantha Spytek – Wakefield High School; Catarina Esteves – Yorktown High School; Remington Greene – Yorktown High School; Carlos Ramos-Quevedo – H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program; Jose Berrios – Arlington Mill High School. The ASA Memorial Scholarship, in memory of Doris Matthews, an assistant principal at Stratford Junior High School and Washington-Lee High School, was awarded to Carol Jane “CJ” Burka – Washington-Lee. The ASA Memorial Scholarship in memory of Leonard “Bud” Adler who was a long-time administrator and Principal of Henry Elementary was awarded to Kevin Salvador – Washington-Lee.

Arlington Science Focus music teacher of 18 years Joe Puzzo has been selected as a quarter finalist for the GRAMMY Music Educator Award. Only 217 out of 30,000 national nominees were selected as quarterfinalists. The GRAMMY Music Educator Award was established to recognize current educators who have made a significant and lasting contribution to the field of music education and who demonstrate a commitment to the broader cause of maintaining music education in the schools.

Of the 150 Arlington Public Schools students who presented their independent science research projects at the Virginia Junior Academy of Science Symposium at Virginia Tech in May, 28 students received awards for their work. This year’s winners include: Animals and Human Sciences Honorable Mention: Juliana Gruver – Williamsburg Middle School. Chemical Science Third Place: Jack Toner - Jefferson Middle School Honorable Mention: Christian Clark - Jefferson Middle School and Jayaprakash Kambhampaty - Williamsburg Middle School. Chemistry Second Place: Nathaniel Grevatt - Washington-Lee High School Third Place: Rebeckah Fussell - Washington-Lee High School and Kelley Mark - Yorktown High School Honorable Mention: Ashleigh Grimmer and Alicia Huggett - Washington-Lee High School. Ecology and Earth Sciences First Place: Elizabeth Moar - Kenmore Middle School Second Place: Hannah Collins - Williamsburg Middle School. Engineering Honorable Mention: Noah Kennedy, Gianna Lum and Matthew Tatum - Washington-Lee High School; Henry Love and Julian Thomassie - Yorktown High School. Environmental Science Second Place: Julia Simon - Washington-Lee High School Honorable Mention: Marie Serfis - Washington-Lee High School. Human Behavior First Place: Xander Dyer - Gunston Middle School Honorable Mention Dylan Klapper and Alice Bell - Jefferson Middle School. Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Second Place: Anna Mendelson - Washington-Lee High School. Medicine and Health Third Place: Allison Jaffe - Washington-Lee High School. Physical Science, Engineering and Math First Place: Johanna Klein - Jefferson Middle School and Sarkis Ter Martrosyan - Swanson Middle School Third Place: Bilguunzaya Battogtokh - Kenmore Middle School Honorable Mention: Lauren Berry - Williamsburg Middle School. Physics Honorable Mention: Mishu Barua - Washington-Lee High School. Psychology Second: Place Agnes Cheng and Yasmin Khanan - H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program Third Place: Kelly Hart - Yorktown High School Maria Winchell- Washington-Lee High School Honorable Mention: Aura Cruz-Heredia - Washington-Lee High School. Zoology Honorable Mention: Margaret Doyle - Yorktown High School. A complete list of awardess is posted at

Adrian Blust was named to Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne's dean’s list. He is a physics major.

Katherine Andril graduated from Connecticut College with a bachelor of arts degree in art.

Rosalie Post graduated from Dean College with an Associate in Arts in Liberal Studies.

Four Arlington residents graduated from Clemson University May 10, 2013. Elizabeth Dean graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Kimberly Faist graduated with a Master of Science in Civil Engineering. Kurt Freemyer graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. Craig Stephanson Jr. graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Financial Management.

Dina Hamami, a freshman Communication pre-major, and Ryan Douthit, a sophomore Management major, were named to Coastal Carolina University’s dean’s list.

Marie-Claire H. Walters graduated Summa Cum Laude from Clark University with a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and spanish. Walters is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society and Phi Sigma Tau, the national philosophy honor society. Walters is the recipient of the David N. Saltman '83 Undergraduate Prize for Excellence in Philosophy.

Melody Wren graduated from Marist College with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Policy.

Jacob Scott Vernau has been named to Clemson University's dean’s list. He is a psychology major.

The following local residents have been named to the president's list at Clemson University for the spring 2013 semester: Anne Buckalow, a financial management major; Elizabeth Catalano, a communication studies major; Elizabeth Dean, a political science major; Hannah Madison, an English major; and Sarah Sondheim, an early childhood education major.