Brief: 2013 Fairfax Library Foundation Scholarships Awarded

Brief: 2013 Fairfax Library Foundation Scholarships Awarded

Nine individuals chosen to receive scholarships.

From a pool of many qualified applicants, Fairfax Library Foundation has selected nine individuals to aid financially in their educational pursuits. Fairfax Library Foundation’s Undergraduate Scholarship winners are Matthew Albert Beer, Thien Mai, Katherine C. Pietras, Ingrid Thais Quiroz, Claudia Rojas and Laura Ung, receiving awards of $1,000 each. These awardees are in the midst of pursuing or will begin pursuing undergraduate degrees as of fall, 2013.

Aliya Ahmed Parvez is the 2013 Edwin S. Clay, III Masters of Library Science Scholarship winner, receiving an award of $3,500. Parvez was recognized as an outstanding and dedicated applicant by Fairfax Library Foundation’s Scholarship Committee and will be honored in a special ceremony on June 12. In the fall, Parvez will complete her coursework for her Masters of Library and Information Science degree at University of North Texas.

Mary Kathryn Kent and Bridget Ryan have also been named MLS Scholarship Award winners for 2013, receiving awards of $3,000 each. Both Kent and Ryan will pursue their MLS degrees in library and information science at Catholic University of America. Thanks to the generosity of the Rotary Club of Burke, the Fairfax Library Foundation was able to offer twice the number of Undergraduate Scholarship awards than are regularly available for the 2013 applicants. 2013 also marks the first year Fairfax Library Foundation has awarded undergraduate scholarships.

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