South Lakes Student Honored for Writing

South Lakes Student Honored for Writing

A South Lakes High freshman was among those honored Sunday, Sept. 8, for their entries in a Grandparents Day writing contest. She is Anusha Rahman and she received an honorable mention for “The Journey to My Grandparents.”


Honored writer Anusha Rahman.

The Writers of Chantilly, a local group of professional and aspiring writers, sponsored the competition, which was held over the summer. Students wrote about their grandparents, and the winners were recognized and read their works during a Sept. 8 ceremony at the Chantilly Regional Library.

For her efforts, Rahman received a certificate and will have her entry published in an upcoming Writers of Chantilly anthology. “I’ve always loved reading and wanted to try expressing myself on my own,” she explained. “This is one of the first things I’ve written, so I was pleased to get an honorable mention.”