Alexandria Mentor of the Month

Alexandria Mentor of the Month

Through Children’s Eyes

In early 2015, we were matched with Angie and Jeremy through Wright to Read. We had no idea what an adventure we had signed up for. Angie and Jeremy are awesome kids who work really hard to improve their reading skills. In the year and a half since we started our weekly meetings, Angie has tackled books that are more and more challenging while working on her writing and comprehension skills. Jeremy has also taken on tougher books, and is always enthusiastic to learn new words. Their determination to improve is supported by their parents who do a great job making sure that they read at home and are always prepared for our next tutoring session.


Volunteers Tim and Natalie Clewell with Angie and Jeremy.

Beyond the reading support, one of our favorite things to do is to have new and fun experiences with Angie and Jeremy. We have done everything from visiting the Lincoln Memorial, taking a trip to the National Zoo, trying sushi, and playing mini golf. Birthdays are always a big celebration, because it give us the chance to eat donuts and cupcakes!

Tutoring Angie and Jeremy has been awesome. We feel like meeting with them is the best part of our week because we get to share in their progress as they gain confidence in their skills, and also get to see the world through a kid’s eyes once again. All of our friends and family hear us brag about how great these kids are and how much fun we have together. We know that these kids will do amazing things, and look forward to continuing to meet with them in the years to come.

Angie’s Answers

Every Saturday Natalie and I reads books together. We have been working together for over one year.

We have read “The Mouse in the Motorcycle,” “Mercy Watson,” “Bunnicula,” and other chapter books. One thing I learned from Natalie is how to not skip words and how to read with flow. I have enjoyed going to eat sushi, visiting the Lincoln Memorial and visiting the Natural History Museum. I also like going to the library and checking out books. Natalie has helped me improve my reading.

Jeremy’s Answers

Each week, Tim and I, we read and we talk. One of my favorite books that we have read is “Rikki Tikki Tavi.” A special thing we have done together is gone to the zoo. One of my favorite books is a poem book by Shel Silverstein that Tim gave me for Christmas. The poems are funny!

Wright to Read provides volunteer-based one-on-one sustained literacy tutoring and mentoring relationships to City of Alexandria elementary school children in need, and collaborates with families, schools and community partners to create a comprehensive support network that guides each child to success. Wright to Read is a member of the Alexandria Mentoring Partnership (AMP). AMP was created in 2006 to ensure that quality mentors and mentor programs are available for Alexandria's youth and young adults in need. To learn more about Wright to Read, visit or to learn more about AMP, visit: