Springfield: Richard Byrd Library Hosts Book Sale

Springfield: Richard Byrd Library Hosts Book Sale

Jacob Pereira and Michael Peterson display some of the manga and comic books available during the sale. The sale will also have a large sci-fi, WWI, II and Civil War Section and fiction literature.

Jacob Pereira and Michael Peterson display some of the manga and comic books available during the sale. The sale will also have a large sci-fi, WWI, II and Civil War Section and fiction literature. Photo by: Alexandra Tecco

— The Friends of Springfield’s Richard Byrd Library host their largest annual book sale Dec. 1 - 3. Visitors can shop over 10,000 books, covering every genre. In addition CDs, DVDs, vinyl, puzzles, games, comic books and graphic novels are also available.

The money raised during the December sale supports the library: children’s programs; the summer reading program; performer visits; adult book talks and “anything else the library needs,” explains Judy Perry, President of the Friends of Richard Byrd Library. Last year they had record sales, raising $10,000, Perry says.

For the public, the sale is a chance to whittle down the holiday shopping list through quality, budget conscious purchases while supporting the library, explains Christine Peterson, member of The Friends. Aware of the popularity of gift cards, Peters suggests a way to personalize the gift, holding up a 4”x4” book from the Audubon Society. “You can buy a little book for a couple of bucks, put the gift card in it and it’s a present with the gift card.”

Among the “gift quality” book examples are some that can serve as building blocks to build a gift basket around. “We have tons of craft books and books for every hobby,” Peterson says. The children’s area has its own room with books for all ages and styles that range from board books for youngsters to like-new quality picture books as well as other media appropriate for children, DVDs, CDs and others.

THE 30-40 VOLUNTEERS setting up the book sale work to make it as easy for guests to find the genres and topics of interest. They strive try to make it easy to visit and purchase, explains Peterson, “and we usually have four experienced people at checkout because we don’t want people to have to wait in line.” This year they’ve added the convenience of being able to accept credit cards, says Rich Peterson.


Friends and Volunteers of Richard Byrd Library with a selection of books from the sale. Dixie Wright, Case Hoskins, Judy Perry, Martha Gibson and Christine Peterson. Student Volunteers Huiyin Chou 16, Lee High School and Casey Vo, 14, Holmes Middle School.

For David Lee, 15, attending Lee High School, volunteering for the sale is “…really fun.” Lee has volunteered at Richard Byrd almost a year now and has recruited friends to volunteer at the library as well. Lee finds the generous donations of the community the most memorable.

“A couple of weeks ago we had a guy come with a truck full of books. The entire truck-bed was filled with books in boxes,” Lee said. The books for the sale are acquired through the tax-deductible donations from community book drives and individuals in particular.

While the sale directly benefits the library, the remaining unsold books continue to benefit others as they spread throughout the local community and internationally. Afterwards, the remaining books are dispersed to a variety of programs, explains Perry. Among the many beneficiaries are the county jail and Pohick Library which is reopening after their renovations.

“We try to get books into the hands of children especially…” says Perry. The books given to the Ecumenical Community Helping Others’ will help their school backpacks program. Richard Byrd will use some of the books for the Reading buddies program, assisting children in need of extra reading practice.

THE FINAL BOOKS are donated to B.I.G., Books for International Goodwill, explains Perry. Through B.I.G. the books support their mission to send books “…to people throughout the world…” per their website.

While the book sale is a deal with most materials priced at $2 or less for like-new materials, it’s also a chance for people to “…see what other programs the library has that can help its visitors in both their personal and professional life,” says Perry.

The Richard Byrd Book Sale is open Dec. 1 - 3 during library hours.