Mount Vernon Letter: Infringing on Second Amendment

Mount Vernon Letter: Infringing on Second Amendment

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Liberal gun control advocates, particularly politicians, repeat the same talking points whenever there is a shooting by terrorists or other criminal types. They repeat that we need "common sense" gun control. They never, however, state how those "common sense" gun laws they want could have stopped the killings that occurred in Newton, Conn., San Bernardino, Calif. and the marathon bombing in Massachusetts.

They always bring out the extremes. They want to ban AK-47's. They don't provide information on how many AK-47's are owned by law abiding gun owners and how many were killed by their AK-47's that they are so concerned about.

They should recognize that criminals will always find ways to get guns. A recent example is the San Bernardino killings where a neighbor of the terrorists shooters purchased the weapons. Also, who else was involved in the making of those pipe bombs found at the terrorists' home?

The "common sense" gun control advocates should be realistic and recognize that guns exist that have multiple shots such as pistols, revolvers and automatic rifles besides AK-47's. The move by "common sense" gun control advocates infringe on the Second Amendment U.S. Constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Instead of "common sense" gun laws, gun control advocates should get at the root causes of the killings and reduce or eliminate those causes to help reduce killings of innocent people. Chicago, Detroit and California have some of the most strict gun laws in the country. Yet, homicides are skyrocketing without the use of AK-47's.

Also "common sense" gun control advocates want more background checks for those purchasing guns. Yet, recently the Virginia Attorney General took unilaterally took action to not recognize concealed gun carrying permits of 25 states. Why? These people are law-abiding gun owners and have gone through background checks. The move by the Virginia Attorney General is punitive and will not deter gun violence and is a direct assault on the U. S. Constitutional Second Amendment rights of lawful gun owners.

It is time for the gun control advocates “common sense” gun laws get out of their political correct bubble and do something in the real world to reduce homicides as Mayor Giuliani did when he was mayor of New York. These “common sense” gun control advocates can also learn from other cities and towns where homicides have been reduced and help do the same where innocent people are killed by criminals or terrorists.

Gun owners and others who believe in the U.S. Constitution Second Amendment deserve no less from all these elected representatives including the “common sense” gun control advocates.

Frank Medico

Mt. Vernon