Arlington: WGCC Still Undefeated in Dual Meet Season

Arlington: WGCC Still Undefeated in Dual Meet Season

For the third year in a row, the WGCC Lightning remain undefeated in their dual meet season. This week, WGCC took on and beat both Kenwood Swimming and Diving and Edgemoor Country Club.


Sarah DiMeglio and Charlotte Thomsen

On Tuesday, WGCC beat Kenwood 318 to 168 points. Ryan Baker won all three of his individual events (18&U Free, Back and Fly), and set new pool records for his free and back. WGCC Double winners were: Avery Nassetta (12U IM and free); Jillian Johnson (18&U IM, 14&U back); Richard Gentry (Boys 18&U IM and breast); Emme Yoder (Girls 8&U Free and breast); Lucas Zidlicky (Boys 10&U Free and back); Caroline Otteni (Girls 14&U free and fly); Ollie Bernasek (Boys 14&U free and back); Petie Nassetta (Girls 18&U free and fly); and Sophie Yoder (Girls 12&U back and fly). Single winners were: Sabine Barbee (Girls 8&U back); William Lepre (Boys 8&U back); Nicholas Zochowski (Boys 8&U breast); Sydney-Cate Thornett (Girls 12&U breast); Jack Carman (Boys 12&U breast); Charlotte Thomson (Girls 14&U breast); Angus Ricks (Boys 14&U breast); Cate Barrett (Girls 18&U breast); Kate Loper (8&U fly); and Arav Bhargava (Boys 10&U fly).

WGCC Relay winners include: Girls Junior Medley (J. Johnson, Loper, Thornett, and Pearson Shay); Boys Junior Medley (Bernasek, Rajan and A. Bhargava; and Lepre); Girls Senior Medley (S. Yoder, C. Otteni, Barrett, Maren Schwarz); Boys Senior Medley (Baker, Carman, Ricks, and L. Zidlicky); and Girls 18&U Free Relay (E. Yoder, Shay, A. Nassetta, and C. Otteni).

On Thursday, WGCC beat Edgemoor 385 to 95 points. WGCC athletes who won all three of their individual events were: Petie Nassetta (13 & Over IM, 18&U Free and Fly); Ryan Baker (Boys 13&O IM, Back, and Breast); William Lepre (Boys 8&U Free, back, and fly); Lucas Zidlicky (Boys 10&U Free, back, and fly); and Jack Carman (Boys 12 and Under Free, back, and fly). Double winners were: Cate Barrett (Girls 18&U back and breast), Avery Nassetta (Girls 12&U IM and free), and Liam Thomson (Boys 12&U IM and breast). Single winners were: Madeleine Steves (Girls 8&U free); Caroline Otteni (Girls 14 & U Free); George Cranwell (Boys 18&U free); Sabine Barbee (Girls 8&U back); Pamela Grace Von Seelen (Girls 12&U Back); Kate Burke (Girls 14&U back); Caitlin O’Connor (Girls 8 & U breast); Pearson Shay (Girls 10&U breast); Connor McCarthy (Boys 10&U breast); Lily Darcey (Girls 12&U breast); Charlotte Thomson (Girls 14&U breast); Kate Loper (Girls 8&U fly); Helen Otteni (Girls 12&U fly); Jillian Johnson (Girls 14&U fly); and Zander Zidlicky (Boys 18&U fly).

WGCC prevailed in every single relay. Winning relay teams included: Girls Junior Medley Relay (Kiera Johnson, Elice Lebedev, Sarah DiMeglio, and M. Steves); Boys Junior Medley Relay (Carman, Daniel Green, L. Zidlicky, and Lepre); Girls Senior Medley Relay (Burke, Faith Palmer, Maren Schwarz, and A. Nassetta); Boys Senior Medley Relay (Sean Curran, Cranwell, Patty McCarthy, and Braden Barnett); Girls Mixed-Age Free Relay (Riley Walters, Amory Imperatore, H. Otteni, Burke, and G.G. Richmond); and the Boys Mixed-Age Free Relay (Lepre, C. McCarthy, Carman, Braden Barnett, and Z. Zidlicky).