Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Only Congress Can Declare War

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Only Congress Can Declare War

President Trump’s recent pronouncements of “fire and fury” and “locked and loaded” puts our country and allies at dire risk, and showcases his boundless lack of self-discipline and inability to de-escalate dangerous global situations. Like a schoolyard bully who wants to prove that “my toys are bigger than your toys,” the President is goading an unstable North Korean tyrant who may do something that could change our world forever.

President Trump plays fast and loose with nuclear talk, speaking as if it was his personal wild card that he keeps in his back pocket. The loss of millions of lives is an obvious outcome of a conflict between two nuclear powers. But also, given that the South Korean economy is the fourth largest in Asia and the 11th largest in the world, the destruction of South Korea in such a conflict could deal a devastating blow to the world’s economy.

The President’s seems unable to control his alarming rhetoric. I only hope that our Ambassador to the United Nations and our Cabinet members will employ maximum diplomatic efforts, and that the Congress — the co-equal branch of government — will be strong enough to remind the President that only they have the Constitutional power to declare war.

Barbara Glakas