Appetite: 3 Shake Shops to Beat the Summer Heat

Appetite: 3 Shake Shops to Beat the Summer Heat

On days when the mercury surpasses 100 degrees, thoughts can turn to frozen treats quicker than a cracked egg can cook on the sidewalk. Here are three top spots — all burger joints, as the two seem to go hand in hand — to grab a milkshake to fulfill your cravings.

Flat Top Burger, 529 E. Howell Ave.

As you near the Monroe Avenue Bridge coming southbound on Route 1, Flat Top Burger waits to welcome you with its collection of grilled burgers (both meat and veggie), hot dogs, salads, and onion rings. But nobody would blame you if you bypassed all of the above to get to the sweet treat: Flat Top’s milkshakes.

Created with house-made custard, these milkshakes come in a variety of flavors, from old-fashioned vanilla or chocolate to mocha coffee and banana caramel. A hot (or perhaps cold) commodity year-round, they are the perfect antidote to a summer afternoon at the nearby soccer field or just a pick-me-up on the commute home from work.

Holy Cow, 2312 Mount Vernon Ave.

Sure, Holy Cow may sport one of the best burgers in the D.C. area, but their milkshakes aren’t anything to scoff at. The restaurant on Del Ray’s main drag sees a great deal of foot traffic throughout the day, but the result is worth the crowd. (In a hurry? You can also order your shake — and any other menu item — online for pickup.)

Their made-to-order varieties range from table stakes — chocolate and vanilla — to more far-flung options. The chocolate Heath Bar Crunch and classic Oreo add some substance to the milkshake, while the salted caramel brings the sweet-salty blend that tempts so many taste buds.

Triple Craft, 1 Marina Drive

This newcomer to Daingerfield Island, taking the place of the recently departed Indigo Landing, sports a far more casual edge than its predecessor but packs a solid punch on the menu. Triple Craft offers a plethora of hearty options that could be easily washed down by a milkshake, but frankly are perfectly formidable on their own.

Adherents to the newly popular “Freakshake” movement, Triple Craft does not skimp when it comes to toppings. Cookies, candy, cake frosting, and whipped cream all do their duty as part of the shake, helping diners meet all their caloric needs at one time. (Feeling extra decadent? Ask for a splash of Kahlua, bourbon, or white rum to top things off.) Classic-style shakes are also on the menu if you’re looking for a more pared-down approach.

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