Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Experience Matters

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Experience Matters

I am a native Alexandrian. I care about Virginia and the upcoming Governor's primary on June 13 and believe it is more important than ever, to have someone with experience in Richmond, in that job.

I think we as Alexandrians understand just how important having Terry McAuliffe in the governor’s mansion has been these past three and a half years.

Unemployment across the Commonwealth has dropped from 5.4 to 3.8 percent. 190,000 new jobs were brought here to Virginia, along with $15 billion in new capital investment.

Governor McAuliffe has also acted as a vital check on our too-radical General Assembly. The governor has vetoed 111 bills, more than any other Virginia governor in history, which would have discriminated against LGBT Virginians and limited women’s access to health care, dragging us back to the Virginia of the past.

And the one who’s been there with Governor McAuliffe every step of that way – Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam – is the one who deserves our vote in the Democratic primary on June 13.

Ralph Northam has the experience, the service record, and the ideas to lead Virginia through these challenging times. And Ralph has specific plans to address issues that matter a lot to Northern Virginians.

We’re all struggling with access to affordable child care and pre-K, and, unfortunately, inequality between our kids starts young. That’s why Ralph has committed to making early childhood education for every Virginia public school student his top educational priority. Due to his leadership, Virginia won a federal grant and now 13,000 more children are attending pre-K as a result. And it is why the Virginia Education Association has endorsed him.

Ralph is also the best choice for Virginians’ health care. A pediatric neurologist and former Army doctor, he started his own medical practice here in Virginia. He helped write the legislation to expand Medicaid in

Virginia in 2013 and as governor, Ralph will fight hard to bring those billions in federal dollars here to Virginia for things like mental health services and preventive care.

Alexandrians understand how badly we need a Democratic governor to keep Virginia going in the right direction. And our local elected leaders need a partner they can work with in Richmond, and that is why all of our senators, delegates, and entire City Council have endorsed our Lt. Governor.

Ralph Northam has been on the ballot and has won in a statewide election previously. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Ralph at the polls on June 13 help him win again.

And look for my convertible around town with the two Ralph Northam yard signs over the front seats.

Lucelle O'Flaherty