Pediatrician Makes House Calls in Montgomery County

Pediatrician Makes House Calls in Montgomery County

Practice launched in January


Dr. Ashley Moss

Take a step back in time: When a child had a fever, a constant cough and couldn’t keep food down, the mother called the doctor who came to the home as quickly as possible to care for his young patient. Growing up 70 or more years ago meant doctors often made house calls. The doctor was almost a part of the family and, in an era where all moms did not drive or have access to a car, house calls were a necessity as well as a blessing.

Fast forward to 2017 in Montgomery County: Dr. Ashley Moss is treating pediatric patients in their homes. “I launched my practice in January 2017 because I wanted to establish more continuity, to get to know my patients really well and have more time to spend with them,” she said. “I found that I learn so much about my patients by visiting the home, meeting family members and seeing where the child lives, sleeps and plays. I believe this is a unique and special way to deliver medical care.”

Moss cites her rationale for setting up her home-based practice. “It’s better if young children who are sick do not have to leave their homes. It’s also healthier for well children if they are not around the germs that sick children bring to the office. Another benefit is that children are often very frightened of doctors and nurses in a cold and sterile medical office. Doctor visits are not as scary for children when I come to exam them in the home; they are curious about me and much more talkative and open. I also find that vaccinations are much less traumatic.”

She continued, “Additionally, the pace is different. In a big practice, it’s one appointment after another. In my practice, I leave a lot of time between appointments in case my visit runs longer. The doctor-patient relationship is more rewarding because I know and understand the patient and his/her family so much better — and they get to know me too. When I visit a child at home, they feel safe and secure with me. I absolutely feel this is a wonderful way to practice medicine. I am able to blend the high quality of modern medicine with the nurturing commitment of traditional house calls and emphasize the priority of the child’s health.”

Some of the services offered by Moss include screenings, vaccinations, sports physicals, house calls for routine well-child appointments as well as same-day appointments for sick children, 24/7 access to Moss via cell-phone, weekend and after-hours appointments, a complimentary pre-natal visit and newborn expertise. Her car is outfitted with the necessary medical items for a house call and includes a refrigerator. After speaking with the parent about the child, she determines exactly what will be needed for her visit. If x-rays or other tests are required, she will refer to the proper medical facility.

Moss is a graduate of Princeton University and the Medical College of the University of Virginia. She completed her pediatric residency at New York Presbyterian Hospital – Weill-Cornell Medical Center in 2006. After working at the Pediatric Emergency Department of the Greater Baltimore Medical Center, she was in private practice for 10 years. In her new practice, she plans to provide her services to residents of Maryland and the District of Columbia. Moss serves as vice president of the Montgomery County Pediatric Medical Society. She and her husband, also a physician, have three children and reside in Chevy Chase.

“My vision is to reaffirm the important and meaningful connection among doctors, children and families so as to provide the highest quality medical care in a caring and nurturing environment,” she said. “In our ever-changing world, full of great advances in health and technology, the patient-physician relationship remains the ultimate cornerstone to healthy families and strong communities. I am committed to fostering the bond between families and physician to keep our children and communities healthy.”

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