Public Art Reston Marks 10th Anniversary

Public Art Reston Marks 10th Anniversary

— The year 2017 marks a significant milestone for Public Art Reston. The nonprofit, whose mission is to create a new generation of public artworks in Reston, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. In recognition of the accomplishments of the past decade, it has moved on from “Initiative” and officially changed its name to Public Art Reston. “A 10-year anniversary is a prime opportunity to celebrate Public Art Reston with a refreshed brand and updated name,” said Public Art Reston President and Chair Maggie Parker. “Initiative for Public Art-Reston already has made its mark by facilitating approximately 15 public artworks in Reston since its inception. These additions to Reston’s public art inventory were achieved in cooperation with many of the community’s key civic organizations, corporations and a broad array of individuals, who worked with our Executive Director Anne Delaney to inspire the community and engage the mind and senses through public art.”

Public Art Reston’s refreshed branding includes a new logo, outreach materials, and an updated website, currently being developed. These changes are being done in collaboration with Red Thinking, branding and digital marketing specialists founded by Jen Sterling and supported in part by Red Thinking’s annual BrandJam grant, which “helps local non-profits get the marketing collateral they need to achieve their missions.” “The Red Thinking team has loved working with Public Art Reston from its inception,” Sterling said. “We established the original brand identity and then, during our most recent BrandJam, we were invited to refresh the organization’s brand to represent its growth. Public Art Reston has always been bold and confident in how it represents its brand, making it incredibly fun and rewarding to work with.”

Public Art Reston’s renewed branding will focus on encouraging the community and viewers to discover, engage, and be inspired by Reston’s public artworks. Public Art Reston was founded in 2007 by Reston civic and community organizations and leaders. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to inspire an ongoing commitment for public art and create a new generation of artworks in Reston. It imagines public art throughout Reston that inspires the community and engages the mind and senses. For more about Public Art Reston, visit