Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Not Intimidated

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Not Intimidated

If you haven't heard by now, we live and work near Richard Spencer and his National Policy Institute (NPI), an organization that has been around a while but only recently moved to Alexandria. He espouses white supremacy, and ethnic cleansing. His group is supposedly a think tank, and puts out papers like the "The State of White America" released in 2007. In the report it says that Brown vs. the Board of Education, the Civil Rights Act and busing were some of the worst decisions ever.

You cannot claim to be something else and march with Nazi and Confederate flags reminiscent of Nazi rallies. "It perfectly suited Nazi propagandists, who used torchlit parades and rallies to attract Germans, especially youth, to the Nazi movement," according to the United States Holocaust Museum.

Torches were also used for intimidation by the Klu Klux Klan. "Torches became a consistently described part of the Klan's early parades and use of visual intimidation. They would continue to be a terrifying feature of the organization when it reemerged in the early 20th century," according to Forbes magazine.

NPI has lost their tax exempt status. That is good, because the NPI has been classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a white supremacist organization.

I cannot tell you how strongly I disagree with this group’s purpose and goals.

They remind me of playground bullies I encountered when I was young. Their only strength is in numbers. If they want to attempt to intimidate me or anyone else, they have approached the wrong neighbor. I am not intimidated. When they told me that they planned to be here for a long time and recruit more people like them that only fuels my determination to act until they are gone and discredited.

Boyd Walker