Sully Station 2 Piranhas Kick Off Super Team Meet

Sully Station 2 Piranhas Kick Off Super Team Meet

July 15: Mixed age captures first: Faith Alston, Hayley Norris, Madison Stalfort and Ella Ammons.

July 15: Mixed age captures first: Faith Alston, Hayley Norris, Madison Stalfort and Ella Ammons.


July 15: Winners of both 15-18 Girls Relays: Karenna Hall, Delaney Kennedy, Faith Alston and Carly Logan.


July 22: All smiles for Sully Station 2’s Super Team (Noreen O’Connell, Tate Stamper, Yousuf Abu Jbara and Tyler Norris) along with coaches Scott Brown, Katie O’Brien and Caitlin Campbell.


July 22: Piranha legends who have made this team possible: Dawn O'Brien, Chris Campbell, Lori Campbell, Ralph Gay and Connie Gay.

It was a week to honor, remember and congratulate as Sully Station 2 Piranhas finished the last A meet of the season, held the Super Team meet and welcomed old and new at the 25th anniversary celebration.

This weekend’s festivities kicked off with the annual Super Team meet as four little Piranhas shined in each of their events. Former Sully 2 Swim parent and official, Connie Gay, was the starter for the meet. Congratulations to Yousuf Abu Jbara, Tyler Norris, Noreen O’Connell and Tate Stamper.

Once again, in spite of the rain and competitive Forest Hollow team (249-167), the Piranhas saw several double-event winners: Michael Zhang (backstroke and butterfly), Alyssa Seng (breaststroke and butterfly), Ehma Stalfort (backstroke and breaststroke), Simon Campbell (backstroke and butterfly), Collin West (backstroke and butterfly), Faith Alston (freestyle and breaststroke) and Kellen Campbell (backstroke and butterfly). Ella Ammons came through in blazing speed in freestyle to capture first place and earn an All-Star cut. The 15-18 girls had a sweep in freestyle with Alston, Karenna Hall and Carly Logan grabbing the first three places. The 15-18 boys also swept the backstroke with Campbell, K., Anthony Kang and Brody Campbell securing the top three slots. Karenna Hall captured first in her backstroke race. There were a number of first place finishes in breaststroke with Mark McClendon, Alyssa Seng, Hayley Norris and Brody Campbell leading their age groups. Delaney Kennedy continued her winning ways with a strong first place finish in her butterfly race.

Piranha swimmers continue to make strides and show gains with several 2nd and 3rd place finishes including Lucy Campbell, Mary Campbell, Dorothy Cervarich, Emily Fisher, Jacob Garcia, Anthony Kang, Kennedy, Logan, McClendon, Morris, Norris, Carys O’Haimhirgin, Isaiah Quitugua and Harrison Saint Germain.

The Piranhas continued to fight hard in the relay events and were victorious in four relays including 8 and Under Boys (Brandon Jo, McClendon, Connor Pond and Zhang), 15-18 Boys (Campbell, B., Campbell, K., Kang and Morris), 15-18 Girls (Alston, F., Hall, Kennedy and Logan) and the 18 and under Mixed Age Girls (Alston, F., Ammons, Norris and Stalfort, M.).

Outside of the pool, the Piranhas celebrated 25 years as a swim team on Saturday night at the Chantilly National Country Club. It recognized the current swimmers, as well as honored the first class of the Sully Station 2 Hall of Fame. Special awards were given to: Jacob Garcia (Best Rookie: Male), Carys O’Haimhirgin (Best Rookie: Female), Gabe Quitugua (Most Improved: Male), Alyssa Norris (Most Improved: Female), Max Morris (Piranha Pride) and Colin Brown (Coach’s Award). Hall of Fame inductees included Nick Campbell, Eric Knight, Carli Molano and Chanele Molano.

Chris and Lori Campbell have served as team representatives for the past 25 years. In addition to all of the parent volunteers who helped this season, a special thank you to Kathy Hall, Dawn O’Brien, Natalie Seng and Heather Wilson who ensured that this event was a success. The Piranhas enter post-season with the Divisional meet on Saturday, July 28 at Stratford Landing followed by Family Fun Night the next evening.

July 15

It was another eventful week for the Sully Station 2 Piranhas with three meets and the celebration of their Seniors: Devin Kennedy (York College), Carly Logan (Eastern Michigan University), Max Morris (James Madison University) and Harmon Saint Germain (West Point).

The Piranhas had a strong showing at the Division 12 Relay Carnival with an overall 4th place finish. The Mixed Age Girl’s (Faith Alston, Emma Ammons, Hayley Norris and Madison Stalfort) kicked off the meet an impressive win in the 200 Meter Freestyle Relay. The 15-18 Girl’s (Alston, Karenna Hall, Delaney Kennedy and Carly Logan) continued to find success and secured victories in both the 200 Medley and 200 Free relays. The 8 and Under Boys (Brandon Jo, Mark McClendon, Connor Pond, Noah Quitugua and Michael Zhang) have started to gel together and grabbed second place in the Medley and Free relays. Completing top 3 finishes for the Sully 2 Medley Relay teams included the 9-10 Girls (Ella Ammons, Mary Campbell, Ehma Stalfort and Grace Ver Planck), 11-12 Girls (Hannah Kang, Norris, Carys O’Haimhirgin, and Lilly Wilson), 15-18 Boys (Brantley Cervarich, Brody Campbell, Kellen Campbell and Max Morris.) The 15-18 Boys (Collin Brown, Campbell, K., Anthony Kang, and Morris, swam to a 3rd place finish in the 200 Freestyle.

Saturday’s “A” meet against Brandywine presented a challenge for the Piranhas (271-148), but as always, the swimmers swam with energy and positive attitudes. Even with a competitive Brandywine team, the Piranhas had double event winners including Ammons (freestyle and butterfly), Stalfort, E. (backstroke and breaststroke), and Alston (freestyle and breaststroke.) West continued his winning ways and earned another victory in the 13-14 freestyle. McClendon notched first place in the 8 and under backstroke. Alyssa Seng swam to a first place win in the 8 and under breaststroke, and as the only 9-10 boy for SS2 in breaststroke, Zacchaeus Post remained strong to take first. Rounding out the individual wins were Zhang and Kennedy in their respective butterfly races.

There were several swimmers who dropped time and earned 2nd and 3rd place finishes including Hope Alston, Brown, Campbell B., Simon Campbell, Brantley Cervarich, Dorothy Cervarich, Jacob Garcia, Hall, Kang, Kennedy, McClendon, Morris, Norris, Pond, Gabriel Quitugua, Quitugua N., Post, Harrison Saint Germain, Caden Seng, Seng, A., Madison Stalfort, Payton Susko and West. The Piranhas fought hard in the relays to complete the meet and came out on top in four relays including 8 and Under Boys (McClendon, Pond, Quitugua, N., and Zhang), 9-10 Girls (Ammons, Campbell, Stalfort, E., and Ver Planck.), 15-18 Girls (Alston, F., Hall, Kennedy and Logan) and the 18 and under Mixed Age Girls (Alston, F., Ammons, Norris and Stalfort, M.).