Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Sour and Unpleasant

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Sour and Unpleasant

U.S. Rep. “Gerry” Connolly (D-11) (Connection, June 20-26, 2018) Opinion column disparaging President Trump’s negotiating abilities head-to-head with N. Korea’s Kim Jong-un is notable largely for its sour and unpleasant tone. He alleges that the President’s “high-risk gambit squandered valuable leverage.” President Trump allegedly “got nothing.” Hmm. Perhaps Mr. Connolly could as backstory have detailed the run of successes racked up by our previous colossi of international diplomacy; they “got” us North Korea’s long-range missiles, for which it claims to have miniaturized nuclear warheads. Maybe Mr. Connolly was expecting President Trump to bring back ready-dismantled nukes in his luggage. He calls the President “weak and naive.” The Japanese thought it an “incredible” summit and are clearly pleased that missiles are no longer zipping over their islands.

He terms the notorious Iran agreement “a model that worked.” Hmm, pallets of euros, Swiss francs, and other currencies flown in an unmarked cargo plane likely helped considerably (Hezbollah is surely appreciative). “Proceed with great caution because this isn’t real estate,” Mr. Connolly snidely advises. Nor does a seat on the House Foreign Intelligence Committee necessarily confer negotiating skills.

I looked in vain in the comments for any suggestion of a practicable solution. We all hope this will be one more to add to President Trump’s proven successes.

Harry Locock