Reston Association Election Challenge Overcome

Reston Association Election Challenge Overcome

A 10 percent quorum reached; Board members appoint Catherine Baum as president.

Before Election Committee Chair Ed Abbott announced the Reston Association 2019 Board of Directors election official results at the Tuesday, April 9 Annual Members’ Meeting, he acknowledged a challenge in this year's race. "Unlike past elections, this year all five board seats were unopposed. The challenge has been to keep our members engaged despite the five uncontested races. I'm pleased to inform you, the ten percent quorum was successfully reached during the voting period for all five races… I believe the only reason we got to ten percent was candidates got out there and beat the bushes,” Abbott said.

"There are no surprises here," said Abbott.

Official Election results showed the five winning candidates to the nine-member board as

  • At-Large 3-year term with 5,040 votes: Tom Mulkerin,

  • North Point District 3-year term with 1,486 votes: John Mooney,

  • Lake Anne/Tall Oaks District 3-year term with 1,156 votes: Aaron Webb,

  • Hunters Woods/Dogwood District 1-year term with 1,101 votes: Caren Anton and

  • Apartment Owners representative seat for a 1-year term with 1,563 votes: Catherine Baum.

According to RA, “The nine-member RA board is responsible for determining the long-range mission and goals of the association, establishing RA policies and procedures, monitoring finances, approving budgets and setting the annual assessment rate."

Hank Lynch Chief Executive Officer for Reston Association recognized and thanked the two retiring board members, Sherri Hebert and Andy Sigle for their service. Lynch described Herbert as "a staunch supporter of maintaining and protecting the qualities of the community that made her choose Reston.”

"Andy brought a can-do attitude to this role," said Lynch.

At the Wednesday, April 10, Initial Meeting of the 2019-2020 RA Board of Directors, the nine members elected the new slate of officers. Board members appointed Catherine Baum, president; Julie Bitzer, vice president; John Mooney, secretary, and Eric Carr, treasurer. Each will serve a one-year term. According to RA, Baum served on the board for one year with RA advisory committees and working groups. Bitzer, Carr and Mooney returned as board members with experience on various RA committees and community organizations.