Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Karma

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Karma

Virginia Republicans should now consider what they’ve done to folks like John & Renee Thoburn and Lt. Col Oliver North, (Ret) when thinking about this lost elections. Maybe they should make the song by Tim McGraw, “Humble and Kind” an integral aspect of their character. You were responsible for destroying the lives of John & Renee, and you chose to vote for Marshall Coleman, a throw away vote, rather than a decorated Marine/Vietnam Veteran/and your own Republican nominee - Ollie. Now you get to sit in your much deserved time out chair and watch as the Orchestra of the Democratic Party enjoy their well deserved victory. I doubt you learned your lesson about arrogance, but at least now you’ll be on the sidelines of change while those much more deserving as you now take the lead in Virginia.

Dave Minyard