Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Endorsing Fahey for Commonwealth's Attorney

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Endorsing Fahey for Commonwealth's Attorney

We are the three Deputy Commonwealth's Attorneys for Fairfax County. Collectively, we have over 40 years of experience prosecuting criminal cases in Fairfax. We have prosecuted cases against some of the County's most dangerous predators, while being responsible for training and supervising dozens of Assistant Commonwealth's Attorneys. We write today, to endorse Jonathan Fahey, Independent candidate for Commonwealth's Attorney. Jonathan is a not an ideologically driven politician. He is a pragmatist, and a widely experienced prosecutor who will build on our many successes in reducing crime and helping crime victims while working to fix the shortcomings in our system.

Earlier this year, Ray Morrogh, the veteran and well-regarded incumbent Fairfax Commonwealth's Attorney, was narrowly defeated in the Democratic primary by a candidate funded mainly by hundreds of thousands of dollars of out-of-state PAC money. That candidate has no experience with Virginia law or Virginia's courts, in which he has never practiced. He was a tax prosecutor for the federal government who now works in the field of behavioral health. He ran on a "reform" platform that has taken over in cities such as Philadelphia and Chicago -- jurisdictions that continue to be plagued by a level of crime we want to keep at a considerable distance.

On his first day, the Commonwealth's Attorney must be ready and able to make decisions on complex criminal matters including murder, sexual assault, robbery and, occasionally, police misconduct cases. He must mentor new assistants, and must be steeped in the traditions and mores of the Fairfax County courts -- traditions that have brought us both safety and respect. Jonathan is such a person; his opponent is not.

That is why, as current members of the Fairfax Commonwealth's Attorney's Office with over 40 years of prosecutorial experience among us, we give Jonathan our strongest endorsement. Jonathan has almost 20 years' experience as a prosecutor trying cases at the Virginia state and federal level. He will be ready the first day. Jonathan worked in this Office and then at the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia in Alexandria. He is endorsed by Democrats and Republicans alike, and is thus the only candidate in the race with bi-partisan backing. He is also endorsed by law-enforcement groups in the County. He is running as an Independent because he believes the position of chief law enforcement officer for the County should be, and under his leadership it will be, set apart from political influence or ideological extremes.

As longtime members of this Office, serving under proud Democrats Bob Horan, Jr. and Ray Morrogh, we know sensible, hardworking, dedicated prosecutors when we see them. Jonathan Fahey is that candidate in this race. Without Mr. Fahey, the Office is certain to lose some if not most of its valuable, experienced prosecutors — prosecutors who've fought hard for crime victims while striving to ensure defendants are treated fairly and respectfully. On Tuesday, Nov. 5, please vote to continue the first-rate Commonwealth's Attorney's Office that our County has enjoyed for more than half a century and cast your vote for Jonathan Fahey.

Casey Lingan, Chief Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney for Fairfax County

Kathy Stott, Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney for Fairfax County

Robert McClain, Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney for Fairfax County