Reston Board of Governors Members Appointed

Reston Board of Governors Members Appointed

Paul Thomas, Laurie Dodd and Beverly Cosham to serve on Reston Community Center board.

Reston Small District 5.

Reston Small District 5. Fairfax County


Paul Thomas


Laurie Dodd


Beverly A. Cosham

Reston Community Center (RCC) completed its 2019 Preference Poll for its Board of Governors after it sought community guidance to fill three 3-year positions. After poll participants made their preferences known, on Oct.15, at the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Meeting and at the request of Supervisor Catherine M. Hudgins, (D- Hunter Mill District), the board approved the appointments of Paul Thomas, Laurie Dodd and Beverly Cosham "in time to be seated at the next Board of Governors meeting on Nov. 16."

According to RCC, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors established the RCC Board of Governors in 1975 to represent the interests of Reston Small District 5 (SD5) residents and businesses in developing policy and providing financial oversight for RCC. Voting began on Sept. 6, 2019, when residential and commercial addresses in SD5 received a ballot and instructions for online, mail or walk-in voting in the mail. Final preference poll results showed incumbent Thomas led with 1,637 votes; first-time candidate Dodd came in second with 1,384 votes and incumbent Cosham held her seat coming in third with 1,337. They beat out two-term incumbent Michelle Moyer, who received 1,219 votes and challenger Robert Petrine with 1,143 votes.

In Statements by the Candidates before the poll and provided at that time by RCC, Thomas, Dodd and Cosham shared how their leadership would enhance RCC's efforts to bring the community together by providing opportunities for enriching leisure experiences and connections that reach out to all to foster inclusiveness and a sense of belonging.

Paul Thomas: "... As the demographics and geography of Reston evolve, we need to continue to create spaces, events and programs that are essential elements of Reston's unique sense of place. ... To me, RCC is more than a sum of its parts; the Reston Community Center is an organization that helps define, serve and unify our community."

Laurie Dodd: "... I know that RCC has truly been a center of our community, providing cultural, educational and recreational experiences for many families. ... I will work to ensure that RCC meets the needs of this community … (and) provides opportunities for people from different social, economic, ethnic, and racial backgrounds to come together. Reaching out to get input from all is essential."

Beverly A. Cosham: "As an incumbent, I have experience creating and realizing Strategic Plans by working with the board and staff to create programs and partnerships to better serve the growing and diverse community. RCC... strives to keep Bob Simon's Principles to ensure that Reston remains a welcoming place to live, work and play for all.”