Opinion: Letter to the Editor: I Disagree on Seminary Road

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: I Disagree on Seminary Road

I totally disagree with the Council’s split decision (4-3) to change the current lane configurations on Seminary Road. For once let’s get it right, it ain’t broke and sure doesn’t need fixing.

Isn’t it long overdue for the City Council to heed the wishes of the citizens who elected them? It is painfully obvious that the City Council relies almost exclusively on its staff and the developers to make all of its important decisions.

Why would the City Council ignore the wishes of the Parking and Traffic Board, over 11,000 plus households and at least eleven Civic Associations, and do the opposite? When we vote for the City Council, we expect them to at least respectfully hear us out, and at least occasionally acquiesce to the will of the people. It is obvious from the Seminary Road fiasco and a number of other City Council’s actions that the citizens need to elect some new members who will at least attentively listen to us and then take the appropriate action. That day certainly wasn’t this past Saturday.

Part of the problem is that the Alexandria government does not have any checks and balances. One political party is dominant, and furthermore, the City council members are beholden to no one but themselves, since there is no representation. This needs to change.

Unfortunately, the City Council will never submit a change to our Charter to the General Assembly to change this process, since they are part of the problem. It needs to be done as a rider to a bill that has a good chance of being passed.

Townsend A. “Van” Van Fleet