Opinion: Letter to the Editor: On the Recent Death of Mr. George Floyd

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: On the Recent Death of Mr. George Floyd

I do not believe our country engages in systematic racism!

The USA has come a long long way from our days of slavery. Our country has "righted the wrongs" with: affirmative action programs, EEO programs, small business loans, tax relief, student loans, grants, scholarships for all Americans!

Our country has moved forward. The "bad" police officer who caused this dear soul's death is shameful and disgusting. The [other] police officer present is also equally guilty, in my opinion, because he did nothing to intervene as Mr. George Floyd lay dying in police custody and not resisting arrest. This [other] police officer also ignored several requests for help from passersby who pleaded for assistance and help for Mr. George Floyd as he lay dying at the hands of police. This [other] police officer present at the scene seemed absolutely insensitive and uncaring which is disgusting.

More white people, Native American citizens, others die at the hands of poorly-trained, bully-type police officers annually.

I believe that the overwhelming majority of police officers are good people. Police officers face serious threats and dangers daily and deserve community support. I believe the false narrative about systemic racism in our country needs to stop! Our country needs and requires law and order and not the recent and current antifa riots, beatings of citizens by masked thugs, destruction of personal property, theft of other people's property, arson, etc. The current riots appear to me to be organized, criminal, and dangerous activity and has nothing to do with Mr. George Floyd's sad, needless death! Please support our police. Also consider and ask yourself why the mayor and chief of police in Minneapolis tolerated a police officer on their police department force with bully and violent tendencies, and are the real persons at fault for Mr. George Floyd's death!

Miriam Sullivan

Mt Vernon District

Fairfax County