Coping with Change and Anxiety

Coping with Change and Anxiety

Potomac Community Village will present a Zoom video talk on Coping with Change and Anxiety in the Age of Covid-19 at 2 p.m. Wednesday, June 17.

Speaker is writer Jane Barton, a national speaker on coping with change. This is a repeat of the original presented by Senior Planet Colorado on May 29.

“Change has always been part of the lived experience. However, as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, we are experiencing change fatigue – one change after another. Nothing seems normal,” according to the press release from Potomac Community Village. “So instead of resisting change, how can we engage it?”

First, Barton will help viewers understand the process of change, loss, transition, grief, and mourning.

Next, she encourages viewers to decide to move through the process and embrace a new way of being.

Finally, she will show how to develop a mindset of resilience that will help in moving through the transition.

The presentation will be followed by a discussion among Zoom participants.

This program is free and open to all. To be sent the Zoom link, register by 6 p.m. June 16 by email to, or call the Help Desk, at 240-221-1370.

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