Opinion: Commentary: Make a Plan and Vote 2020

Opinion: Commentary: Make a Plan and Vote 2020

Voting is a fundamental American right and the basis of our democracy. “We the People” are our foundation and each of us and our votes are cornerstones. This year, like no other recent time in our history, we are reminded how our country has struggled to support that right for each and every American, and how important it is that each individual exercise this right to vote.

Early voters are turning out and mail-in ballots are being requested in record numbers. Our office, and others, are answering hundreds of emails, phone calls and visitors as residents want to be sure they have all the correct voting information.

I know you are hearing about long lines at the Fairfax Government Center and concerns about the safety of mailing your ballot and COVID-19. Once again, Fairfax is a great place to be. I can assure you there are many safe ways to vote this year, from early – no excuse – voting at 14 satellite voting locations (5 more than 2016) opening Oct. 14, first time ever secure ballot drop boxes, mail-in ballots (mail as early as you can!) and, of course, voting on election day. Fairfax County is committed to ensure all voters have the opportunity to vote and all votes are counted.

Please exercise your hard-earned rights and vote this election season! Regardless of party or beliefs, it is important that you express your views. Take some time today to review all your options and make a plan for the best way for you to vote this year.

Voting Need to Know:

  • Vote at any of the 14 satellite voting locations open on October 14 – October 31. Hours are 1 p.m. – 7 p.m. Mon-Fri and 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sat. Locations in our District include the Mount Vernon Governmental Center, 2511 Parkers Lane, and the Laurel Hill Golf Club, 8701 Laurel Crest Drive.

  • Request an absentee ballot by October 23 and vote by mail or take to a secure ballot drop box during satellite voting hours at all satellite voting locations.

  • Vote on election day at your regular voting location. Note: the Lorton Library polling location has moved to Lorton Station Elementary School due to the Library closure.

  • Bring a form of identification to vote, but it does not need to be a driver’s license. Your voter registration card or even a current utility bill will work.

  • If you requested a mail-in ballot, but choose to vote in-person, take your ballot with you to the voting location to surrender it for an in-person ballot.

  • Curbside voting is available for those who are 65-years or older, or any person with a physical disability. Look for the posted phone number outside of all voting locations.

  • This year's ballot is longer than usual, with two constitutional amendments and four bond referendums. It is strongly recommended you review the ballot prior to going to your voting location. Sample ballots in multiple languages are available here: https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/elections/upcoming.

  • More information about voting in Fairfax: https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/elections/.