Chantilly High School art

Chantilly High School art

Children and Teens edition 2021

Chantilly High School Photography

Chantilly High School Photography

 Betty Simmons


Chantilly High School

Chantilly Visual Arts Dept. Chair

Photography 1, 2, 3, 4

Photo Club Sponsor

NAHS Co-Sponsor


Kira Smith 12th grade Skin and Bone



Tahanni Robinson 12th Grade Color Blind



Ava Poggi 11th Grade Blessing



Miles McKeown 9th Grade Leader of the pack


Jenna Chouman 12th Grade Quieting the Thoughts in my Head



Mahlet Solomon 11th Grade Moonstruck




Cassie Barnes 11th Grade



Connor Kentfield 11th Grade



Bryana Dasher 9th Grade



Marianne Hoover 10th Grade “Monster”



Mya Ebert 12th Grade



Emily Gates 12th Grade



Srinidhi Yelimati 12th Grade  “Coming out of my shell”