West Springfield Moms Moving Forward to Grad Party

West Springfield Moms Moving Forward to Grad Party

Optimism flows despite the dark cloud of covid.

The official coffee mug at WSHS grad party fundraiser.

The official coffee mug at WSHS grad party fundraiser. Photo by Mike Salmon.

Parents of West Springfield High School seniors formed a series of stations around the school on Thursday, Jan. 21 to hand out the official senior


With cowbell in hand and a homemade sign, Eva Miles remained optimistic while parents, students and teachers continue to plan the graduation party in June.

tee-shirt and fundraising flyers for the senior graduation party they are tentatively planning at the St. James Center in June.

There are a couple of “ifs” surrounding the Class of 2021’s plan for the rest of the year, and a biggie is “if” the COVID-19 virus is not running as rampant as it is in January. Nonetheless, the parents and school officials stayed positive at the event and cheered on the students, with masks on, as the students drove around the school, stopping at the various stations to pick up materials.

“It’s hard to predict,” said WSHS principal Michael Mukai, who was at the station in front of the school. “We’re hoping for a positive change,” he said.

“It’s so nice to recognize them, show we care,” said Eva Miles, whose daughter Ashlyn is one of the seniors. “All these moms here are moms of seniors, I call it the covid class,” she said.

With temperatures around 50 degrees, the moms were bundled up, and there was hot chocolate being handed out as well.

Juliette Neil held a colorful sign and cheered the students on as they drove by. “We’re hoping by June we’ll be ready to move forward,” she said.

According to Lucy Caldwell, the Director of News and Information for the Fairfax County Public Schools, the school system will be working with principals, parents and students in the upcoming months to provide guidance for planning activities for the Class of 2021 culminating in June with graduation. All activities will follow VDH and CDC guidance. "We want to honor and celebrate the Class of 2021," Caldwell said.

The St. James fitness facility is a place over on Industrial Drive in Springfield that has "state-of-the-art fitness and sports venues, luxurious lifestyle experiences, and the ultimate kids' play place," their website reads. On the West Springfield all-night grad party website, it states “If necessary, we will re-address and modify event plans and activities as needed to accommodate CDC safety guidelines.”