Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Grateful for Vaccination

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Grateful for Vaccination

Having received our first Moderna COVID 19 vaccination on Jan. 14 as part of the "over 75" Phase1 group and just three days after we submitted our application, Valerie and I were extremely impressed with the professionalism of the process coupled with the personal and friendly attitude of the Fairfax County Department of Health Staff who are administering the vaccinations.

Although it was very evident that the tremendous number of calls made on the morning of January 11 overwhelmed the telephone system, signing up a few hours later was very easy. We then received an email which confirmed our eligibility and requested time and place preferences. We were then provided an appointment time with complete instructions as to reporting sequences. The efficient manner of the Health Department Staff who processed us in and then administered the vaccine was uniformly professional and polite. It was a very positive experience for us.

We are grateful for having received our initial vaccinations and thank the Fairfax County Health Department Staff for making this process possible and so smooth.

William P. and Valerie A. Bock

Mount Vernon