Ballston Farmers Market Offers CBD Products

Ballston Farmers Market Offers CBD Products

Ryan Clark mans the CBD stand at Ballston Farmers Market on July 1, the day marijuana use is legalized in Virginia. Sales of marijuana will wait until 2024.

Ryan Clark mans the CBD stand at Ballston Farmers Market on July 1, the day marijuana use is legalized in Virginia. Sales of marijuana will wait until 2024. Photo by Shirley Ruhe.


Cannabreeze offers beef-flavored CBD treats for dogs or cats who may be experiencing stress or pain.

Ryan Clark stands at the Cannabreeze CBD stand at Ballston Farmers Market on July 1. This is the date when possession of less than one ounce of marijuana becomes legal in Virginia. But it doesn’t mean that the stand can sell marijuana. Commercial sales won’t begin until 2024.

He explains that selling CBD, which is an oil derived from the cannabis plant and doesn’t cause the high often associated with marijuana, has been legal. Proponents say it can offer relief from pain, anxiety and more without the mind-altering effects of marijuana. CBD has less than 0.3 percent of THC, which is the part of cannabis that causes the high.

Cannabreeze is a veteran-owned “seed to sale” hemp farm in Loudoun County. Clark says he bounces back and forth between the ten acres of land that produces the hemp and various farm stands selling CBD products.

The stand offers a number of CBD products, including the popular lotions that are applied in areas of targeted pain “from maybe a strenuous workout the day before. In 15-20 minutes, you get instant relief.” Or you can put a drop of CBD oil under your tongue or mix it in a morning smoothie. “I use a mix of products depending on which issue I’m trying to do.”

CBD products can be used for different conditions such as anxiety, sleep disorders, joint pain, nerve damage, Clark says. “I use a mixture of products depending on what I’m trying to do.” He says he fell in love with CBD after high school when he had severe depression. “It helped a lot.”

Clark pulls out a small tin with smokable flowers. “They’re already rolled into prerolls and ready to go.”

A rack on the side of the stand advertises pouches of beef-flavored treats “for a dog who suffers separation anxiety or may be reaching the end of its years.” The pet treat also comes as an oil which can be helpful if the pet is picky about taking pills; the oil can be mixed into pet food.

Cannabreeze offers classes on how to grow Virginia hemp. Clark says he “Virginia has the perfect climate. It’s pretty easy to grow outside with water and nutrients but quality premium grade hemp like they grow at Cannabreeze is harder. The brochure explains, “Our boutique brand of premium grade hemp products are germinated, propagated, dried and cured all by hand without zero automation right here on our farm.”

Business at this stand is slow although other places like Loudoun County are very active. “I think it might be a lot more emphasis on government here in Arlington with more restrictions on what people can do.” He says he has people stop by the stand with a lot of questions and a lot of misinformation. “Sometimes they don’t know; they have wrong information.” So he tries to stay calm and help them figure it out.

Clark says they plan a legalization celebration at their farm in Lovettsville on July 15 from 5-9:00 p.m. He says you can tour the production facility, eat BBQ, drink some wine and listen to live music. “And we’ll have glass blowing.”

Bring your own chair or blanket. Price ($27) includes entrance into the park, guided tour of the production facility, Cannabreeze T-Shirt, and pre-roll.

This is a private event; tickets must be purchased in advance. 21 years of age and older, No Kids, No Pets.