Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Allison Silberberg: Mayor of the People

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Allison Silberberg: Mayor of the People

This is a critical election in Alexandria’s history with very important decisions at stake. As a long term resident of Alexandria who has served on and led committees serving our city, I believe that Alexandrians are very lucky to have Allison Silberberg to elect as Mayor. Her ability, competence, leadership and achievements when she was Mayor made Alexandria a better city. She is a tireless champion of affordable housing; excellence, equity and greater capacity for our city schools; safeguarding our environment; ethics reform; historic preservation; rational development; and addressing our infrastructure and flooding problems. These issues are not easy, and to me one of Allison Silberberg’s key qualities is her careful study and analysis of our issues and her desire to hear – really listen – to the needs of the citizens of Alexandria. When she was Mayor she listened carefully to presentations made at City Council meetings and did not have her mind made up before hearing the testimony. In the last couple of years, when I walk anywhere with Allison people stop her, talk to her and seek her advice, and she always listens to what they have to say, considers their point and gives a thoughtful answer. I believe these very key ingredients of listening and empathy; along with the fact that Allison Silberberg’s word is her bond – she can always be trusted - will serve the citizens of Alexandria well in our challenging times. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said “I'm a very strong believer in listening and learning from others” and this is advice that Allison Silberberg takes to heart and follows every day. I ask you to please vote for Allison Silberberg on June 8th or during early voting because she listens, considers, studies, cares and can be trusted to make thoughtful and informed decisions for the betterment of our wonderful city and its citizens.

Nancy Kegan Smith