Be Dazzled: Family entertainment for Thanksgiving Weekend

Be Dazzled: Family entertainment for Thanksgiving Weekend

Lightwire Theater presents ‘A Very Electric Holiday’

Looking for a family friendly event to enjoy after Thanksgiving dinner is done? Something out-of-the-ordinary?  How about Lightwire’s “A Very Electric Holiday,” with positively luminescent puppets?  

“Honestly one of the best performances for young audiences I had seen. Their use of electroIuminescence creates such a unique experience, and they are gifted storytellers,” said Adrienne Bryant Godwin, director of programming, Center for the Arts.

“A Very Electric Holiday” follows the story of a young bird named Max and his family as they begin their journey south for the winter. When Max gets blown off course and ends up at the North Pole, his adventure begins.

“I think what makes ’A Very Electric Holiday’ different than most shows is the medium that we use to tell the story because we’re all electric or glowing in the dark, and we also tell most of our stories with animals which gives a unique perspective,” said Ian Carney, Lightwire Theater.

“People will also love it because it’s got traditional wonderful holiday things that go on in it, and it’s an underdog story,” added Carney. Max, the young bird, “meets all different kinds of different animals and creatures, some bad and some good and because of those traditional elements it’s like a warm blanket that you put on by the fire side. But it is told in a way that you’ve never seen before with edgy cool electronic lights and a varying musical score.”

Asked to explain a bit more about electroluminescent puppetry. Carney explained that lots of AA size batteries are involved, and hundreds of hours to create what the audience sees. “Electroluminescent puppetry is really based on the electro part; it all glows in the dark.”

“There are rod puppets to costume oriented puppets, some marionettes, everything is electrified so really the only thing that makes it different is that you can’t see any of the humans behind the puppets,” said Carney. “That’s where the darkness and the L wire (electroluminescent wire) really come into play and you get a giant contrast between the light and the dark; it’s something unique that you probably have not seen before.”

Lightwire Theater is eager to connect with audiences at the Center for the Arts. “We’re just very. very thrilled,” said Carney. 

Get ready for a magical family-friendly show with the artistry and poignant storytelling of “A Very Electric Holiday,” done in darkness.

Note: Tickets will be offered in seating groups of varying sizes in order to maintain 3-feet of physical distancing between parties. Proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result required for audience members. Health and safety details at:

Where and When: Center for the Arts presents Lightwire Theater “A Very Electric Holiday” at 4400 University Ave. Fairfax, VA 22030. Two matinee performances at 1 p.m. and at 4 p.m. on Sunday, November 28, 2021. Running time about one hour. Suitable for all ages. Tickets: $15 for adults; $10 for children. Call 703-993-2787 or visit