Short Stories from Orange Hunt Elementary School

Short Stories from Orange Hunt Elementary School

Brenda Patrick, 6th grade Language Arts teacher

Knocked Out

By Noah Torres

Orange Hunt ES, 6th grade

Teacher: Ms. Brenda Patrick

3-1. That was the score. We were winning. The last match in the season, and we were crushing it. All other matches had ended up in ties or losses. We wanted this win, we needed it. But it wasn’t enough to defeat the opponent, we had to bury them, to plunge them into the earth and have them stay there. As the match got closer to its end, we took more and more shots from every corner of the field, and as a striker, I took more shots than anybody else.

The referee signaled five minutes left, and my team went into overdrive. Whatever hope the other team had, was now gone. My entire team was playing offense, even the goalie made an attempt. Despite all of our efforts, we only managed to get to the penalty box.

After some time, our team was given a corner kick, and as a striker, I had to make sure it went to the back of the net. I stood next to the goalie, ready to head it in at a moment's notice. WHAMMMM! The ball was served perfectly, right to my head. I leaned in to hit the ball into the top corner and …. Darkness.

I was out for only a few seconds, but it was enough to give my team, and everyone watching, a scare. On my head was a colossal lump. I got up, wobbled for a bit, and then fell back down. My coach helped me off the field, and my mom made sure I was okay.

When I checked the scoreboard, it read 4-1. The ball I headed in, had made it into the goal. In the seconds after, I was pulled off the field. The referee blew the whistle, and the match was over.

My team burst into celebration. I mustered enough strength to celebrate with them.

My head still hurt, but the day was ours. We weren’t kings, but we sure felt like it. I don’t regret heading that ball, if I was given another chance, I would do the same thing. We wanted glory, so we put in the work, I put in the work, and we got what we wanted. Glory doesn’t come without hard work after all.

My Broken Nose 

By: Sophia Nother 

Orange Hunt ES, 6th grade

Teacher: Ms. Brenda Patrick

October 2022 

It was Sunday. I had my All Stars basketball game. I was so excited, and I had to get up very early. It was 5:30 in the morning when I awoke, and I smelled brewed coffee. I had salty scrambled eggs for breakfast, and was so pumped up for my game. It was a two hour drive with all of my siblings. I was so cramped in my car with six people. When we finally got there I could feel my stomach going around in loops. I was so scared and my heart was beating like a drum. What if we lost the game? What if I don't make my coach proud? Those thoughts were spinning around in my head like a wooden top. 

When I stepped onto the court I felt nervous anticipation. I imagined my mom holding my hand for comfort and confidence. 

I am Center Position on the court, so that means I am the one blocking the balls. Our team was doing an amazing job working together.. We were winning by a landslide with a score of 53 to 31. 

Half way into the game, suddenly someone shot the ball. If they made this shot, the other team would win. Without even thinking, I jumped up and tried to block the ball, but my teammate did the same thing. We blocked the ball together, but when we did, she fell straight on top of me. Her elbow hit my nose and pushed it down on the cold floor . The pain was the worst pain I have ever felt. I heard the crowd gasp. I was holding my nose face down on the court when I sat up and took my hands off of my face. I could taste metal in my blood, and saw the dark red liquid on my hands. I felt light headed and then I passed out. 

The next thing I knew, I was in an isolated hospital bed. My mom was holding my hand and she looked anxious. I asked where I was. She heard my voice and she immediately called the doctor into the room. The doctors told me what had happened. They said when I fell, I broke my nose. I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing.

We ended up winning the championship, and I had successfully blocked the shot. I was so filled with pride I could explode. My nose healed in approximately one month. If anything, this event made me love basketball even more. The lesson I learned was, even if you get hurt, don’t give up.

Splash Mountain 

By Elza Jones 

Orange Hunt ES, 6th grade

Teacher: Ms. Brenda Patrick

It was a warm spring day. We were at Disney World waiting in line for a ride that was big, monstrous and scary, Splash Mountain! I looked at the long line that I wished would never end. It was so hot, and I could feel the heat waves hitting me. I wished that I could just get sprayed without going through the ride.I can’t believe I let my mom talk me into doing this. We were almost at the top of the line. I couldn’t quit or else I would hear about it forever. 

When we were finally at the top of the line I slowly lowered myself into the plastic seat.I felt the wetness of the seat from the ride before. Now I wished I had brought my raincoat. I sat next to my mom and my Dad, and once I got seated, the boat started to slowly progress up. I heard the conveyor belt push us up. I had the feeling that we were going to start going backwards. Then I started to regret my choice. I was shaking. I could feel my heart beating. Once we got to the top, The large wooden doors slowly creaked open. I saw a dark tunnel and the boat slowly went into the dark.

When the boat went in, I looked to the left and there was a puppet rabbit standing in front of a small straw cottage. The boat slowly progressed forward. I heard the boat gliding in the water to the scene. Next the rabbit went into a forest where he met a gray wolf. I knew that we were going to drop, but it kept going. Next the wolf was attempting to cook the rabbit in a big pot. 

A door opened and we were about to drop. I 

gripped my mom's hand tightly. I didn't notice that I was saying “No,no,no”. Then the boat started to tip. I saw the drop and the people down below standing at the edge waiting to get splashed. I leaned back hoping not to fall. My stomach hurt immensely. Then whoosh! The boat dropped at an 80 degree angle.The boat bumped up and down as it sped down the slope. My ponytail ran behind me, I felt the water splashing everywhere. I screamed as loud as I could without noticing. I saw my brother having so much fun. I looked next to me and saw the thorn decorations flash next to me. I felt as if I was going to fall out of my seat. If I was not holding on to my mom’s hand my arms would be up waving around. Then it stopped. It seemed so still I stayed seated still shaking. 

I looked at myself and my family. Our shirts all had hundreds of water droplets everywhere even though it was not my favorite. The water felt good considering how hot it was. Once we got off, I squeezed my shirt so the water would come out. I shook my head vigorously when my mom asked how I liked the ride. As we walked away from the ride, I looked back and I thought even though I did not enjoy it, I should always try. 

The End