Springtime in Reston?

Springtime in Reston?

As I’m drafting this column, snow is falling on Lake Anne! It is blustery cold, with temps falling to the upper teens tonight. But I know Spring is coming. Soon it’ll be 80 degrees and the Reston Farmers Market will spring to life again.

In the meantime, our Reston Association will undergo a promising, but tricky metamorphosis, over the next few weeks. The current Board majority, which has stumbled through the last 2 years, will be replaced as a result of the annual election now underway for three seats on the Board. There is but one candidate for each open seat. So, assuming all three well-qualified candidates achieve the 10% minimum of eligible votes required for a valid election, they will be seated in early April. 

The three outstanding newcomers to the Board are: Laurie Dodd as North Point Director, Irwin Flashman for Lake Anne/Tall Oaks, and Glenn Small as the At-Large Director.  Go to the still-temporary (2 years so far) RA website for their individual bios and platforms to see for yourself, dear reader. With the new majority, we can expect a return of transparency, functioning IT systems, prudent financial management and accountability in RA.                            

However, on its way out, the current majority is rushing the appointment of a new CEO, which the new majority will have to live with. It is possible the not-so-lame ducks will appoint someone who in fact contributed to decisions (such as acquisition of the ill-fated “Lake House”) shaping RA’s sad current condition. And, a major role of the new CEO will be filling five top senior RA staff positions. Still, in my view, these changes at the top should be a remarkable net positive.    

More Spring good news for Reston is the return of the Reston Farmers Market. On April 30, the Market will open its 25th year since Robert Simon joined us in celebrating the grand opening in 1998. As a founder of the Market and a co-Manager, I am proud to say it is still recognized as the best in Northern Virginia. And the best is yet to come.                Not only are 26 out of 30 of last year’s favorite farmer/vendors returning this season, but we are adding five exciting new ones, fresh and local.  They are: Doughboy with great homemade ice cream; Grateful Gardeners with beautiful cut flowers; Seven Bends with a grand selection of native plants; Green Planet with nutrient-dense microgreens; and, Greenheart’s first-rate healthy juices.    

The Reston Farmers Market’s motto has long been “the place where friends meet.” Although the Covid 19 pandemic put a crimp in our market ambience over the last two years, it will be back in 2022. Not only are the Fairfax Master Gardeners back to help shoppers with their plant and garden questions, but so is CORNERSTONES with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). 

Composting is back in a big way in the Reston Farmers Market. We’ve added the Veterans Composting service, thanks to a special program of the Market’s sponsor, the Fairfax County Park Authority.                 Speaking of ambience, there will also be a growing number and variety of community musicians throughout the season.                        Final Note: Market management this year will be shared among four Co-Market Manager volunteers. That is, Fran and I will be joined by Keith and Anne Strange for the 2022 season.                          We look forward to welcoming you on April 30.