100: It’s a Big Birthday

100: It’s a Big Birthday

Minnie Tipping  walks to her surprise 100th birthday party at Crystal City Sports Bar. She joins friends there every Monday to take advantage of half price hamburger day. 

“You shouldn’t have done all of this for me,” she says looking around at the gigantic gold 100 above her head and the jeweled crown which has just been placed on her head. 

Tipping’s daughters Linda McIntyre and Gail Alford are there to help celebrate the big birthday.

Alford says, “Yesterday at the Methodist Church just down the street we had a big celebration with her four grandkids, six great grandkids (oh we forgot two) and all of her friends. Tipping says, “I’ve been going to that Methodist Church since ’54 or ’55.”

Tipping received a birthday greeting from President Joe Biden.

Her daughter points out Tipping is a special lady. She worked with the Army Air Corps, one of the first women in the Pentagon. 

“And she still mows her own grass.”