Sunday Afternoon Ritual Ruined

Sunday Afternoon Ritual Ruined

As a native Washingtonian, Sunday afternoons in the fall were

reserved for one thing: watching the Redskins. Now I work in the yard

or wash the car. Unfortunately, the sad Commanders bear little

resemblance to our once beloved [NFL team]. It starts with their record. 

In those glorious 20 years before Dan Synder, the [team] won 58% of

their games. Under Snyder, they have a 40% winning percentage. Only 4

teams have worse records over this timeframe (Browns, Lions, Jaguars and

Raiders). And we haven’t won a playoff game in 17 years. Our cherished

[football team] has become a depressing bottom dweller. 

It's not just the record. In 2020, USA Today ranked the management of

all 32 NFL teams. Dan Snyder ranked dead last. 32nd out of 32 teams. 

Not only is he considered a lousy owner, but he’s a demonstrably lousy

person. The organization paid millions to settle sexual harassment

complaints against him. The NFL had to step in to investigate a toxic

workplace culture. As they investigated, a Congressional committee

found evidence Snyder tried to undermine the NFL’s findings and pay hush

money to accusers. Any player or coach who behaved in this manner would

be immediately fired. His cartoonish, entitled arrogance used to be

amusing. Not anymore. It’s hard to root for a team whose owner is so

wretched and unlikable. 

But the stadium is nice, right? Um, no. FedEx Field is considered a

dump around the league. In August, it was ranked the worst stadium in

the NFL. When I was a kid, [Washington NFL] tickets were nearly impossible to

get. Last season, FedEx Field ranked 31st out of 32 teams in

attendance. By any reasonable standard, Dan Snyder has become the Ryan

Leaf of owners. So, until we’re free of his incompetence, maybe I’ll

start following the Ravens. 

John Christmas