Alexandria Republicans Elect New Vice Chairs

Alexandria Republicans Elect New Vice Chairs

The Alexandria Republican City Committee’s (ARCC’s) Chairman Annetta Catchings announced the elections of Terri Hauser as 1st Vice Chair and Broderick Thomas as 2nd Vice Chair of the local party unit. They were elected at the April 13 ARCC meeting.

Hauser is a seasoned campaign professional, bringing decades of experience in local and Virginia politics. She served as ARCC Chair in the 1990s. Thomas is a relative newcomer, coming from Richmond and the newspaper world. He brings expertise in digital marketing. Catchings, who was elected as Republican Party Chair in 2022, was the Republican candidate for Alexandria Mayor in 2021.

“The City of Alexandria is losing many of its long-term residents due to significantly cumulative increased local taxes and fees, low-performing schools, reduced constitutional freedoms, overcrowding, closing businesses, and increased crime rates,” said Catchings. “These are not problems brought about by the pandemic but by the local Democratic party’s agenda and our city’s one-party rule under At-Large voting. … We will carve out a pathway that will make it possible to bring balance back to our local government and get Republicans elected once again.” 

ARCC (at  and on Facebook as Alexandria GOP) is the local unit of the Republican Party of Virginia.