Aldrin Elementary School Essays

Aldrin Elementary School Essays

Aldrin Elementary School, Reston, VA, Fairfax County Public Schools

Children’s and Teens’ Connection 

The Great Space Light Race!

by Adrian Yambing

6th Grade

Aldrin Elementary

Mr. O’Day’s Class

We have one goal this Christmas Eve,

To have astronauts see us from space.

But our next-door neighbors want to get noticed first,

So let us all call it a race!

The neighbors grab their bright lights from their roof.

We grab lights from our garage.

While we were lighting the snowman up,

Our neighbors began to sabotage!

Their kids went to steal our tiny roof lights,

and took our mini decorative penguins as well.

So we decided to get revenge,

opportunity struck when the kids tripped and fell!

We grabbed their inflatable Santa Claus

and placed it on our yard,

we ripped our stolen lights off their roof,

and their little glowing cards!

Those selfish neighbors came back to our yard 

and stole our precious tree.

But we eventually retaliated,

And stole it back and their glowing bee!

We lit all of our lights up,

the beaten neighbors were all mesmerized,

the race had finally ended,

We were also quite surprised!

A few minutes later it seemed 

as though we could see the sun by looking at our house,

But I noticed our neighbors house was darker than space,

I realized everything has gone south.

My kids were jumping with all their joy,

But I was melancholy.

So, I went and gave all our lights to our neighbors.

And they were all so jolly!

We invited them over to dinner, 

And I made some pumpkin pie.

They thought of this all so beautiful

I thought they might just cry!

The kids filled their faces with pie,

but us parents were eating Christmas bologna.

The best part was that after they left.

It started snowing slowly!

And even though neither of us won,

We sure did have some great memories.

Maybe next year, let’s just do it together,

No competition for centuries!

I’m a Table with Tons of Turkey!

by AJ Bowen

6th Grade

Mr. O’Day’s Class

Aldrin Elementary

Today is the day I’ve been dreading all year.


I saw that the cooking had started,

I heard pots and pans clanging and clattering,

I smelled the gravy being mixed up,

I could feel the decorations being strung around and on top of me, 

I could almost taste the mashed potatoes, 

and saw the people running around me trying to clean up

the mess before the meal.

I started to dread, more and more, the torture known as dinner time.

Oh, it would be the worst I just knew it. 

My legs started to tremble, my top started to feel mighty sore.

I didn’t want to be stained with gravy or doused with ice water.

Especially not on my brand new tablecloth, I had just put it on!

Tick tock.

Tick tock.

Tick tock. 

It was time for dinner,

I got ready like a weightlifter preparing for a competition. 

One by one the plates buried me so I could no longer see.

I split weight between two legs then switched to the others. 

I could hear laughs and clinks of silverware on plates. 

I heard one of the kids say that the turkey turned their tummies. 

There was banging,

some gravy spilled, 

some turkey fell down under me, 

the dog tickled me trying to get to it. 

“Dessert time!” I heard one of the people yell.

Only a little bit left, I thought as some of the plates started to disappear. 

One by one they went to be washed. 

One by one I started to regain feeling in my legs.

It was finally over, 

I was free. I barely got spilled on but still,

Why can’t they just have thanksgiving at Grandma’s?

I grumbled in my head as I slowly drifted off to sleep.

Monkeying Around at Night 

by Alysha Gujju 

6th Grade 

Mr. O’Day’s Class

Aldrin Elementary 

Gathered together on a big comfy couch

by the fire,

We huddle like a group of penguins.

Chopping, clomping, and cheering

We watch a movie, 

Eating our favorite snacks,  

And mom and dad share their stories, 

like little kids would with their friends.

We drink hot chocolate, 

Giving everyone brown mustaches.

Laughing at each other, 

Like hyenas might.

Searching for the pile of dusty old games,

Like mischievous racoons 

That have been crying to see the light of day 

Out from the crusty attic. 

Getting them out, 

Only to realize 

That the games are too dirty and broken to play.

We came down from the attic, 

Sleepy and tired.

We dozed off to sleep 

Like koalas

Cuddled up in our beds. 

I dreamt about this moment.

“Until next time”

I said while I slumbered.

Ted the Terrified Turkey

by Amaya Garcia-Gettmann

6th Grade

Mr. O’Day’s Class

Aldrin Elementary

Ted the Turkey takes the time of Thanksgiving terrifically terrifyingly. All because of Tod the Tender Tasting Turkey. You see, Tod was terribly taken by a trespasser. He… Well, the name tells the tale.

Our story begins in a forest.

A forest with a turkey. 

A forest with a turkey who hates November 23rd.

And guess what?

It was November 23rd.

This turkey was having 

A horrible day. 

I’m not even joking.

Like, a terrible, 


worst-day-of-his-life kinda day. 

And this is how it began.

As I told you, he was strutting along in his forest.

And then he heard a rustle from some bushes.

And then…


Ted barely dodged the attack of a bobcat!

He took one look at that animal

and sprinted. 

Now, Ted was too busy

sprinting away from definite death 

that he didn’t realize where he was going! 

He ran to the end of the forest,

across the street,

and into the grocery store!

But he didn’t stop there. 


You see,

Ted is a very determined turkey.

(That’s just another way of saying

he is a total scaredy-cat.)

So he kept running.

And eventually he ran into

some random room.

He didn’t have time to read the sign

because I mean,

Would you? 

And then he stopped.

He had reached the wall.

He had reached the end. 

He turned around to face his death

but there was only one problem.

The coyote wasn’t there.

He must’ve given up!


He was finally safe.

He started gobbling

and celebrating

But then when he was

in the middle of the Macarena 

He turned around.

And saw all the meat.

And then he saw the 




in the freezer.

He finally realized:

He was in the meat section. 

He stopped gobbling. 

He stopped celebrating.

Ted needed to get out of there.

And fast. 

He started making his way to the door 

but then a man walked into the room. 

He had an evil smile on his face. 

He said, 

“Hello, dinner.”

That did not 

sound like something happy, 

Or good,

And definitely not something

a turkey wants to hear 

on Thanksgiving. 

Ted backed up

but then realized he was already 

against the wall. 

He started looking around the room

for ways to escape Mr. Evil here.

And then he saw

a three-footish tall countertop

that didn’t have any dead meat on it.

Ted had never been able 

to fly very high. 

He could never seem to flap his wings hard enough.

He didn’t know

if he could make it all the way up there.

But it looked like he had no choice.

Mr. Evil was closing in on him. 

He took a deep breath.




… JUMP! 

Ted took the highest leap

he has ever made, 

and flapped his wings as hard as he could 


He made it! 

He leapt onto the counter

without any dead meat on it

and dodged Mr. Evil’s attempt

to grab him by the leg.

He raced out of there as fast as he could 

and never returned again. 

He waddled back into his forest

and finally, 


Ted was safe at last.


Thanksgiving Dinner

By Austin Ford

6th Grade

Mr. O’Day’s Class

Aldrin Elementary



Is a holiday to give thanks

For the good we have

In the world today.

But thanksgiving family reunions

Are a time to get together

And see family.

My family

Spends Thanksgiving 

Just eating a turkey

And crunching

A crispy collection

Of crops

Like green beans

Mashed potatoes

And steaming, hot gravy.

It’s really a sight

To be seen

As the turkey

Is freed from 

Its prison

In the oven

And the gravy

Is poured into

A shiny and

Festive gravy boat

Mashed potatoes 

Are scooped

And shoveled                                                

Into hungry mouths

Stuffing is served

And rolls are passed

It’s really


The Christmas Trap

By Avery Salcedo

6th Grade

Mr. O’Day’s Class

Aldrin Elementary


Ho! Ho! Ho!

Going down the chimney,

All covered in snow,

With all the presents

Tied up in a bow.

I see the goodies

Lying on the table

Ahh! The cookies!

Then I look down

And I see a note.

“Let’s see what they wrote,”

I say quietly.


Hey Santa

I know this is lame,

But how did you get into

Our house

When your belly is so, well…

Big and jolly?

And, sorry for being greedy

Because I don’t want to make a scene,

But please give me a present.

I think I earned one

With everything that I’ve done.

I know you’re reading my letter now,

And you might be thinking how

Do I know that you’re reading?

Just check under this table.

See me waving?



There is no one here?

Nothing in sight.

Santa is just gone?

And all is clear.

“It’s going to take more than that to catch me!

Merry Christmas!”


“I will get you next year!”


By Elliana Frey 

Pretty or ugly

Big or small

Tall or short

Fat petals or skinny petals

Dead or alive

Eaten or not eaten

Wrinkly or smooth

Nectar or no nectar

 It all depends  

 If you’ve stepped on them