Collective Bargaining Agreement Ratified for City Fire Fighters

Collective Bargaining Agreement Ratified for City Fire Fighters

Alexandria City Council members voted unanimously to approve a resolution confirming its intention to fund the recently ratified collective bargaining agreement between the City of Alexandria and the International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 2141.

Alexandria was the first locality in Virginia to authorize collective bargaining under state legislation that became effective in March 2021. The City reached its first deal last November when Council voted unanimously to approve funding for a deal reached with the police union.

For both police and fire agreements, salaries of bargaining unit employees are now at or above market. In addition, both agreements provide for a two percent annual adjustment to pay scales. They also continue the City’s employee benefits coverage, while providing for the study of items of mutual concern, such as a revenue-neutral early retirement program and retiree health insurance stipends.

For Alexandria Fire Department employees, the agreement provides competitive, market-rate salary increases; pathway to reduced hours in the work week; assurance of ongoing investments in City facilities and safety initiatives; continued access to the City’s benefits package.

The total cost for wages and other related costs under the agreement is $3.5 million in Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 and an additional $13.9 million over three years. The agreement also provides for new safety initiatives, as well as hiring more firefighters and medics, totaling up to $2.4 million in FY 24 and $13.5 million over three years.

This is the first collective bargaining agreement between a Virginia locality and a union representing firefighters and/or medics since 1970.

Source: City of Alexandria release