Sully Governmental Center Celebrates Two Decades

Sully Governmental Center Celebrates Two Decades

The Sully District Governmental Center in Chantilly celebrated its 20th anniversary, June 24, with public-safety displays, music and children’s games.

Photos By Bonnie Hobbs/The Connection

Toddlers happily playing with bubbles coming from a police vehicle.

Sully District Police Station’s Bike Team is the first in Fairfax County to use battery-powered e-bikes. Officers can ride farther, quicker and with less fatigue because of the pedal-assist feature. From left are PFCs Zach Bargeron, Tom Rubinstein and Avery Brunk and 2nd Lt. Scott Reynolds.

The Sudhindra siblings, from left, Manasa, 8, and Samarth, 10, show off their lollipops and glitter tattoos.

Manning the Police Department’s Community Outreach information table are, from left, 2nd Lt. Deanna Weand, MPO Meg Hawkins and administrative assistant Carol Jones.

“I think I can!” – Tripp Ladd, 2, takes the wheel of a fire engine from Chantilly’s Station 15.

Kuzi, a Newfoundland brought to the event by Caring Angels, is a therapy dog that loves being petted.

Hamsini Chadalavada, 9, just experienced a 5 mph “crash” in the “Seat Belt Convincer.”

Manning the Fairfax County Neighborhood and Community Services display are, from left, Sandra Chavez, Kimmie Alcorn and Leslie Schmidt.

Aided by paramedics from Fire Station 17 in Centreville, children practice CPR on small dummies.