Letter: Supporting Del. Patrick Hope

Letter: Supporting Del. Patrick Hope

Do you want to be represented by someone who will crack down on puppy mills? Who will stop animal testing? Who votes for animal protections?

Del. Patrick Hope is all of the above – which is why he is a representative we can trust with the well-being of our animals. Rather than ignore cruelty in politics, Patrick Hope works to stop it at the source and has consistently supported humane legislation to end cycles of animal abuse. Last year, he sponsored a bill classifying sexual abuse of animals as a felony with prohibitions in place to prevent those convicted from possessing animals thereafter. Within the same session, Hope sponsored a bill to prohibit wildlife killing contests involving coyotes and other fur-bearing animals. He has shown where his priorities are – with the wildlife and companion animals who cannot speak for themselves – earning him the endorsement of the Humane Society Legislative Fund.

Virginia’s 1st District in the House of Delegates deserves someone who understands animals deserve protection. Support a legislator who knows the power they have over the welfare of our animals and vote for Patrick Hope this November. With Hope in office, there is hope for animals.

Diane Pedulla