Fairfax County Supervisors pass FY ‘24 Budget:

Fairfax County Supervisors pass FY ‘24 Budget:

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted 9-1 on May 9 to approve a budget for fiscal year 2024 that "strikes a balance between investing in high-quality services and remaining sensitive to residents' ability to pay for them," according to a statement from board chairman Jeff McKay (D).

“This budget recognizes the impact of inflation on our residents and on our ability to recruit and retain employees. It provides funding for core priorities in affordable housing, environmental protection, parks, libraries, protecting our most vulnerable residents, mental health treatment, and recognizes our future is uncertain and we must prepare for tougher times ahead,” McKay said.

The approved budget fully funds the market rate adjustment for all employees, increasing starting salaries and compensation for police officers, and increasing compensation for teachers and all first responders. It provides car tax relief and reduces the real estate tax rate. The budget full funds the Fairfax County Public Schools budget request.

Supervisor Pat Herrity, who voted against the budget, named  the FY 2024 budget "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" in the May 2 issue of his newsletter. The Good was funding of the market rate adjustment for county employees; the Bad was not going far enough to address police compensation and tax reduction; and The Ugly, according to Herrity, was “the unchecked $2.6 billion FCPS transfer.” 

For SEIU Virginia 512, the budget was cause for celebration, setting "the stage for the exciting work ahead." 

"This victory, which would not have been possible without the advocacy of SEIU Virginia 512 members, is a win for all county employees and for all working families who rely on excellent county services to thrive," SEIU said in a release.