Surprise Mom with Something Sweet

Surprise Mom with Something Sweet


Surprise Mom with Something Sweet

By Shirley Ruhe

Arlington Connection

Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe on Culpeper Street offers a wide selection of specially decorated cookies, petit fours and larger cakes for mom. Or if you prefer truffles, heart-shaped boxes from the candy case have been packaged with mom in mind.  And while you are there picking up a heart cookie for mom, might as well get a unicorn cookie for yourself.

Ethiopian Dama Restaurant and Bakery on Columbia Pike offers a wide selection of delicious choices including a white chocolate cake with pink frosting roses; a white chocolate cake; a chocolate, coffee and vanilla cake and the most popular fruit cake covered with pineapple, kiwi and strawberries.  The Ethiopian bakery is filled with regulars including Yehenew Ayalew who comes in for his usual latte “with foam and sugar” every day.

Chef David Guas shares his mom’s favorite Southern brown butter strawberry shortcake recipe for Mother’s Day weekend. He remembers his grandma took him berry pickin’ in rural Louisiana and then they brought home the berries to puree and then stew on the stove until they were ready to top the cake.