Farmers Markets in Full Swing

Farmers Markets in Full Swing

A walk around the Cherrydale Farmer’s Market with Stephen Cunningham

The Cherrydale Farmer’s Market on Saturday, May 20.

The Cherrydale Farmer’s Market on Saturday, May 20.

The Cherrydale Farmer’s Market, along with seven other Arlington Farmers Markets opened April 15 and will remain open until the Saturday before Thanksgiving in November. A walk around the market with Stephen Cunningham, market manager, is a discovery of the old favorites and an introduction to the new variety of vendors.

This year the market has added some new stands selling a variety of wild mushrooms, rich Bolivian desserts and Peruvian rice selections, plus 12-hour Asian pork shoulder with pickled egg. But it still offers the old favorites like Great Valley Farms, Family of Nuts, Barajas Produce, Ana’s Twist and Baguette Republic. 

Photos by Shirley Ruhe/The Connection

Myles Jackson mans Sweet Pea Farm, the new mushroom stand just inside Cherrydale Farmer’s Market. He points out the meaty king oysters which are “super dense. You can slice them across into medallions. They are like a vegan scallop. Or slice them lengthwise and they are like a slice of steak.” He adds, “you can shred them and add barbecue sauce and they are like pulled pork.”

Terry Maclaga-Bell says Great Valley Farms has added some new products this year to the wide array of pickles, relishes and jams. “We had wonderful Charleston gray melons this year so we made watermelon rind preserves. In addition, I have added succulents this year.” She points to a large display of catnip. “We have so much catnip but I can only bring this, and I don’t have any cats.” Cunningham points out it can make a pleasant kind of tea. “It is a kind of mint.”

Susana Ruiz is running the Barajas Produce stand with the help of her two-year-old daughter Susana. “It is just for today. I didn’t have a babysitter.” Cunningham points out Susana is welcome at the market anytime. The market offers a large selection of vegetables along with ripe strawberries, and Cunningham points out the mojito mint perfect for making those summer mojitos.

Belęn Bakery, a new stand this year, offers several choices of Bolivian inspired desserts including trés leche cake, French toast cake and carrot cake. The couple came to America seven years ago to give their children an opportunity for better schools and better living conditions. “We also have a small family shop in Bolivia.”