Candidate Connection: Senate District 39

Candidate Connection: Senate District 39

Senate District 39

We asked candidates for a brief bio and to tell us about their interaction with a voter whose questions or story inspired them to take action.

Candidates are listed in the order they appear on the ballot.

Sophia C. Moshasha (R)

Sophia C. Moshasha (R), candidate for Virginia Senate District 39 is a lifelong Virginian and advocate for community prosperity, At 34 years old, Sophia brings deep-rooted connections and a comprehensive understanding of Virginia's development. With expertise from her tenure in the Air Force's Small Business Innovation Program and dedication to advancing emerging technologies, she is committed to fostering small business growth, enhancing educational resources, and workforce development to ensure everyone has an opportunity for success. 

Response: A local business owner approached me at a farmers market with a strong concern about the rising toll costs on the I-66 and I-495, affecting her ability to operate her delivery service. She emphasized how the tolls squeezed her margins and ultimately hurt her employees. She presented compelling information on how the high tolls were inflating the cost of living for families in Northern Virginia.

Her passionate plea stuck with me, prompting me to further investigate the tolling policies and their impacts. This business owner's story highlighted the need for immediate action to alleviate the burden on commuters.

In response to constituents' concerns about the high costs of commuting, I plan to sponsor legislation that focuses on refunding a significant portion of local tolls paid by Virginia-based commuters. Additionally, I intend to push for the restoration of HOV-2 lanes during specific hours on I-66 and I-495 to promote car-pooling, along with equalizing tolls on I-66 inside and outside the Beltway.

To gain bipartisan support, I will emphasize the direct positive impact on the lives of our constituents, stressing the potential economic benefits and reduced financial strain on local businesses. Collaborative discussions with opposing elected officials will highlight the bipartisan nature of this issue and the shared responsibility to support the community's well-being.

Adam P. Ebbin (D)

Adam P. Ebbin (D), 59, candidate for reelection in Virginia Senate District 39, took office in 2012 after serving for eight years in the House of Delegates. Adam has resided in Alexandria since 1989 and is a 1985 graduate of American University in Washington, D.C. He was a Fellow with the Flemming Foundation for Legislative Leadership in 2006 and at the University of Virginia's Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership in 2000. In 2012, Adam was also a Fellow at Harvard University's Kennedy School program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government.

Response: Many persuasive and impactful constituents have shared their experiences with me over the years, including Virginians whose lives have been tragically impacted by gun violence. Those experiences led to my co-founding the Virginia Gun Violence Prevention Caucus and my championing and successfully passing legislation that banned firearms from state buildings.

Another instance where I worked closely with constituents was when an intrepid group of middle-school students organized to improve the physical conditions of their schools. They were impacted by mold in their classrooms. G.W. Middle School students conducted research,

asked questions, petitioned local school leaders, and reached out to me. Hearing from these young, organized student advocates was a breath of fresh air. As I told The Washington Post at the time, “Students deserve to be learning in a healthy environment, and staff and teachers who are in the same building year after year deserve to be teaching in a safe environment. These kids are making sure that this issue is dealt with adequately.” In 2020, with the support and compelling testimony of these local Alexandria public school students, we passed legislation requiring school boards to develop mold testing and remediation plans and to quickly notify parents of the presence of mold in their children's schools.