Keith Elliott, Challenger, for Sully Supervisor

Keith Elliott, Challenger, for Sully Supervisor

Keith ElliottKeith Elliott


Below are his answers to a questionnaire from The Connection:

Name, community you live in, and your party affiliation: 

Keith Elliott, Chalet Woods, Republican.


Family - spouse, number of children & grandchildren: 

Wife Teer, four children, one grandson.

Highest level of education and your major field of study: 

Started college; went into direct management training with hotel company. 


Real estate brokerage; property and association management.

Campaign Website:

Political experience:

None; I was concerned about the issues facing the county and its residents and decided to step up and do my part to fix them.

Why are you running for Sully Supervisor, and why do you believe you’re the best candidate for this office?

I decided to run for Sully Supervisor because there was a need for someone to run against my opponent. I am a lifelong resident of Fairfax County and I want to see communities flourish and Fairfax to be a place that people want to call home.

I think I am the better candidate because I listen to people first, then understand their points, and then decide my positions based on the people’s points. I am not a politician – just a very concerned citizen like everyone else, and I will always put the county and residents' needs above my interests.

As Albert Einstein was quoted as saying, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” 

What are the highlights of your platform?

• The current Democratic members on the Board of Supervisors have a spending problem. We need to have a panel review the county expenses and discuss non-essential expenses that may be removed. It was done several years ago and should be done now. 

• Land use is a big issue around Centreville, and we must be smart about how we are developing these large lots. These are very dense, wooded areas with a tall tree canopy, wildlife and streams that serve the Occoquan watershed. Data centers adjacent to a housing community and streams are wrong, and I would not vote for them. 

• We need a fully staffed police department that is supported and trusted by the Fairfax County residents.

• We need to be teaching our future leaders. Educators should be getting students ready for that, and they should have the skills of reading and writing by the fourth grade.

What issues are most important to you, and how would you address them?

Aside from the above, I would use the words “generate wealth” for every resident. Most people generate their wealth through their homes. We need to help everyone achieve the goal of home ownership. There is more pride in owning a home. To begin with, we need to build communities with different housing types for everyone to qualify to buy. Additionally, we have to reduce wasteful spending in the county and reduce regulations that raise expenses. 

Where do you stand on allowing data centers in the Sully District, and why?

As stated earlier, I want to protect our housing communities because most people create their wealth through their homes, and I am afraid that having so many data centers will hurt the housing market. Additionally, we must look at all the new information regarding data centers’ impacts on our environment, the impacts of high-pitched noises on people and animals, and data centers not bringing jobs to the area. There is a place for them in the county, but they should not be allowed “by right” and should be in areas not affecting communities, parks and streams. 

What are the most important issues facing the Sully District?

Land use, housing and safety. We need to have good land-use policies. Stick with the Comprehensive Plan or amend it after discussions with those most affected. We need housing for everyone, and we need to get more residents into home ownership. Lastly, we cannot have a thriving Sully without it being a place that is safe for raising our families. Crime is rising and it must stop. 

What sets you apart from your opponent?

I think Kathy is a wonderful person and I thank her for her service. I think she is wrong in her approach to land use, and she is part of the issue with raising our taxes every year just so the county can spend more money. I will listen to the people most impacted by the land-use decisions around their communities, I will fight to keep spending down so our taxes can be kept flat, and I would phase out the car tax. 

Why do you believe Sully needs a new supervisor?

Well, just look at the above. I think that each of these previous questions has been answered in a way that reflects why we need a change and why I am that person who could bring trust, faith and confidence to this Board of Supervisors. Again, look at the quote from Albert Einstein. We need change!


What else do you want to say about yourself to your prospective constituents?

I am a lifelong resident of Fairfax County and have been living in Sully District since 1987. I am the guy at a backyard barbecue with neighbors all upset at the 2023 real estate assessment. That was the moment I decided to step up. 

I am a man of faith, and that is important because I learned life is not just about me, I will listen to the people, and I will serve the residents of the county, not my own interests. I had a strong mother and father who taught me how to love others, serve others and be a positive influence in other's lives.