New Harris Teeter in Arlington Emphasizes Customer Experience

New Harris Teeter in Arlington Emphasizes Customer Experience

Store offers upgraded shop and a bar in the heart of Ballston

The new Harris Teeter opened last week in Arlington and it defines the “super” in supermarket. Next door to the old Harris Teeter in Ballston, the new, bigger Harris Teeter features expanded meat and seafood departments. Geared to people who like to cook but don’t have the cooking skills or time, the markets offer seasonings, recipes and garnishes so the fish or meat can be cooked professionally — at home. It also features enhanced organic and specialty produce, store-made pizza, subs, and a hot bar. Central to the market is a large cheese selection. 

Harris Teeter has taken items like hand rolled sushi, which are popular in their markets in Charlotte and Raleigh and brought them to Arlington, according to Paige Hamer, Harris Teeter’s communications specialist. “The customer experience is why people are loyal to Harris Teeter,” said Hamer. And while the store is not necessarily catering to the Gen X or Z residents in Ballston, many will like the upstairs bar, increased wine selection, and prepared food. 

Harris Teeter asked themselves, and customers, “How can we improve, what do customers need now that they didn’t need ten years ago,” Hamer said. Customers want the convenience of grabbing a beer or coffee while they are shopping, having all the ingredients for making an upscale cheese plate right above the cheese. “Bars have been popular in other locations. They are almost always busy. We like to be part of our community so it’s nice to have a community gathering point. Customers can grab food from the two hot bars with rotating menus, and come upstairs for a drink and eat dinner.” 

It also has an expanded pharmacy. 

Hamer said the store also offers “Harris Teeter plus” for $59 a year, which includes free delivery and double fuel points. Gas stations which take fuel points from Harris Teeter in the area are listed on the website. There is a parking garage in the store. 

Harris Teeter works hard to employ people who are part of the community, said Hamer. “We are proud to create an inclusive and diverse work environment that celebrates the unique abilities and talents of all our associates.” 

Harris Teeter isn’t offering compostable bags for produce but they have plastic recycling boxes at each store. They also have a robust food rescue program to ensure food (and other items) are kept out of the landfill. Eligible items are first donated to feed people in the community as part of Harris Teeter’s Perishable Donation program. Harris Teeter partners with Feeding America agencies. If items cannot be donated, the Food Waste Recycling program recycles food scraps and other non-donatable organic matter to create biofuel/clean energy. 

Also available in the stores are: cardboard recycling, plastic film recycling, used cooking oil recycling, meat rendering and hazardous material disposal.

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